Dazzling Mac OS X computer games to brighten the New Year

“As the New Year is upon us, I find myself suggesting some of the best technology gifts to look for during the post-holiday sales. But I would be remiss if I neglected to point out three shareware entertainment products that will bring joy throughout the year to most any computer user,” Craig Crossman writes for Knight Ridder. “All three of them are only for the Macintosh OS X platform.”

“Look, there are tons of computer games out there for the Windows PC and they’re easy to find. But these particular games by comparison are somewhat obscure and could easily be missed. And besides, I figure that Macintosh owners deserve some seasonal cheer as well,” Crossman writes.

“Every copy of Windows includes the venerable and highly addictive game of Solitaire. It’s proved to be so popular that applications have been written to remove it from company hard drives, as it has been known to eat into employee productivity,” Crossman writes. “Apple Computer owners need not worry about that addiction since the only included game on a Mac is Chess. Yet I recently stumbled upon a Solitaire game for the Macintosh that is one of the most beautifully rendered pieces of animated entertainment I have ever seen in a card game.”

Crossman then looks at (and provides link to) “Solitaire Forever,” “Absolute Backgammon,” and “Mahjong Solitaire 2” in his full article here.


  1. I can’t wait for DOOM 3! I’am already saving my pennies. $50 for the game and about $3,000 for a dual G5 PowerMac with 256 MB video card.

    The magic word is neither.

  2. “�I figure that Macintosh owners deserve some seasonal cheer as well,”

    Sounds like he thinks we’re not very happy. I’m VERY HAPPY, everything I got for Christmas goes with my Mac: 5.1 surround sound, 19′ CRT, Canon PowerShot A75 with accessories, and a new desk. And now I’m saving up for a PowerMac G5 to go with this nice desk and gear.

    Even with my 2.5 year old eMac 700MHz, I’m still very Happy! Happy to have a Mac, and glad I don’t have to put up with Windows bull.

    I hear it all day at work (Office Depot), how bad people’s lives are with Windows. Let them have Solitaire pre-installed on the system�if they can find it amidst all the pop ups.

    PS. I love my 2000 PowerBook G3 Pismo too!

  3. One more thing, most people spend around $500-800 (at Office Depot, where I work) on new “PCs” just to get it home to find out that it wont play most games very well. So, I ask: does it mater that they have more games? I don’t think so, just for the elite gamers, who spend $2000 on a new computer.

  4. “It’s (Solitaire) proved to be so popular that applications have been written to remove it from company hard drives”

    You have to write a PROGRAM in order to remove a game from a windows computer?!?!? I forget how spoiled we are.

  5. I like Freeverse’s Burning Monkey Solitaire – and a number of their other games.

    Although there are other good ones, for Chess, I still think the FREE Sigma Chess is one of the best. I have used it since OS 9 days.

    I also like some of Ken Winograd’s games: Brickles, Hangman.

    I like the simple fast games instead of the extensive role-playing games.

  6. Let me see Mike…

    Spending 3 grand on a computer to play a $50 game? Isn’t that a bit whacked? It’s only a game for cripes sake! I hope you have other plans for that dual G5, otherwise it would be a total waste of an awesome machine.

    Instead of blowing shit up, why don’t you do something creative with that puppy, like make music? GarageBand comes pre-installed- 50 bucks back in your pocket to boot.

  7. “……Spending 3 grand on a computer to play a $50 game? Isn’t that a bit whacked? It’s only a game for cripes sake! ……”

    Its somewhat akin to what the hardcore PeeCee gamers do….

    First they spend $400 on their “cheap” PeeCee….

    Then the rest of the 3 Grand goes for the upgrades, like the vid card… more Ram… bigger HD …. sound card…. etc

    Just so they can play that “pirated” game they got from their friends !!

    Yeah, some games are pretty good on the computer.. but I cant help thinking that its more cost-effective to get a game console .. (PlayStation, Nintendo…whatever) and do your gaming on those !
    ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”LOL” style=”border:0;” />

    magic word is “bed”…

    someone trying to tell me something ?

  8. Woot rick!

    I work at Office Depot as well and also have to listen to all the bull about people’s PCs not working. What’s more, only one of our three main tech guys knows anything concrete about Macs. The others just spew the same bile that Windows users have been spewing at us for years!

    Glad to know I’m not alone at that…. place.

    (Magic word is “there”)

  9. “Spending 3 grand on a computer to play a $50 game? Isn’t that a bit whacked?”

    Well, I spent 3 grand on my computer (Dual 2 GHz G5 when they first came out). I use it to surf the web, check my e-mail, develop software, edit home video, and play games.

    (Got “Call of Duty” for Christmas, so that’s what’s getting most of it’s use at the moment… ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”LOL” style=”border:0;” /> )

    Of course, the rationale was software development (bring work home). But, y’know, it does a nice job on the other things, too.

  10. GamesGrid Backgammon was the best backgammon game I have ever played but unfortunately I got kicked out of the service. Some people that I played against would walk out on games that were still in progress and this prompted the game’s administrator to deny me the option of starting new games until all the unfinished games were resumed. I thought that this was unfair and sent an angry email in response. Following that I have not been able to re-log into the game.

    I wish they would get over it because the game is brilliant. Where else can you find Greeks, Turks, Cypriots, Jews and Palestinians knowingly playing backgammon together?

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