Analyst predicts 5GB iPod mini, new ‘iPod flash’ Macworld Expo announcements

“Piper Jaffray predicted that Apple Computer will likely increase the capacity of the iPod mini MP3 player to 5 gigabytes from 4 gigabytes at the Macworld conference the week of Jan. 10. Piper Jaffray said such a bump up would make the iPod mini more competitive with the Pocket Digital Jukebox from Dell and the Rio Carbon, which both have 5 gigabytes of capacity. Rio is a unit of D&M Holdings of Japan. The research firm said other likely announcements at Macworld could be an iPod based on flash memory and an iTunes music application compatible with Motorola phones,” reports.

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Note: Steve Jobs, Apple Computer CEO is scheduled to deliver the Macworld Expo Keynote Address on January 11, 2005 at 9:00 -10:30 AM (PT) in San Francisco, CA.


  1. ok, so has the url of the page where the keynote will be web-casted been announced yet ???

    Almost time to stock the fridge, and send out the invites !!


  2. Yes, the Apple iPod press is annoying, but its an infinite times better than no press at all.

    Does anyone remember the last time the entire media was gung-ho about an apple product before the iPod?

    This is a big thing, so get use to hearing about it.

    (magic word is lot, as in, you will be hearing about the iPod a lot.)

  3. Had an argument with my (not so swift) Uncle on Boxing day; he says ‘you Apple people only have 4 % of the market.’

    I said, ‘us Apple people LIKE having only 4% of the market. Some can have an Aston Martin, but everyone has a Ford or Chevrolet.’

    He looked at me like I was a nutter.

    At that point there was no needto continue the conversation.

  4. I think they should jump it to 6 or 7 GB maybe 10 GB – don’t be a follower – get Toshiba or whoever it is to make a larger drive than the competition – eat that DELL et al.

  5. “such a bump up would make the iPod mini more competitive with the Pocket Digital Jukebox from Dell and the Rio Carbon, which both have 5 gigabytes of capacity”
    More competitive??? Hasn’t this guy seen the sales figures from Amazon? Has he tried to obtain a Silver Mini? They’re sold out! Even at 4 GB. Were there any stories of product shortness on Rio or Dell junkbox players?

  6. A bump to 5GB won’t technically make the mini more competitive OVERALL, but the important thing here is perception. If you don’t know anything about MP3 players and you see a mini next to something with 5GB for the same price, you may be swayed to buy the other player. Apple may not want to add bells and whistles like FM tuners and onboard recording, but a 1GB bump makes it competitive on that level.

  7. Alex
    I understand what you are saying, except for one fact, people are walking into the store looking for the iPod specifically. Have your parents (or you as a parent) gotten a child the “knockoff” version of what they asked for? Getting Go-Bots instead of Transformers? Those half sized “mini” skateboards instead of a real one? The kid is hugley dissappointed. Its one thing if you cant afford what they want, and I know kids should be greatful, but to save a lousy 50 bucks when your already paying 250, dont get the kid anything else, but get what they asked for if possible.

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