Apple Computer to launch Australian iTunes Music Store on January 12?

“Early next year, Apple Computer’s Australia division is scheduled to host a press event that may divulge clues as to when the computer maker will launch a local version of its iTunes music download service,” Katie Marsal reports for

“Sources have recently pointed to this Apple seminar signup page, which advocates a Macworld Event that will take place on January 12, 2005 at the Westin Hotel in Sydney,” Marsal reports. “‘Historically, Apple Australia do not hold events like these to coincide with the US Macworld conferences,’ said one tipster. ‘The fact that they are this time strongly suggests that something very Australia-specific could be launched around the same time–some kind of music store, perhaps.'”

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  1. I would be great if that service extended over to New Zealand… please, please, please… ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />

  2. Noiseworks
    Finally I have been waiting soooo long for Apple to open and Aussie iTunes Store.

    Japan has been waiting a long time too, and outside the US, they are the world’s biggest market.

    I bet China would be a good be too. If Apple got really agressive there, they could sell tons of iPods.

  3. Great! As soon as the Australian iTunes Music Store opens I can purchase all those albums that were released here in the iPod-incompatible copy-protected disc format. This doeas not mean that I will give up on CDs, but it will be good to have the option.

  4. Despite my excitment, I think this is unlikely. As far as I know, its still illegal for aussies to even have personal copies of their own CDs as backups, let alone be able to transfer or store them on an iPod.

    Here’s hoping…

  5. cluster8, it’s only illegal here to change music from one medium to another, for example CD’s to AAC, etc.

    (the magic word is poor, just like I will be after a spending spree in iTMS AUS)

  6. Technically it is still illegal to carry a whip in public in Australia (dangerous weapon) but like other obscure laws, like jay-walking (traffic hazard) and having less than AUD $5 on you (vagrancy), hardly any self-respecting cop will bother enforcing them.

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