FastMac introduces fastest SuperDrive DVD Burner for Apple Macs

FastMac announces availability of the fastest internal slot-loading DVD/CD burner for Apple PowerBook and iBook computers, allowing DVD burning that is 8 times faster than Apple’s original “SuperDrive.”

FastMac’s 8x DVD±RW drive is compatible with all Apple PowerBook G4, iBook G4, PowerMac G4 Cube, iMac G3 Slot-Load and iMac G5 models. Designed to replace Apple’s original optical drive, the FastMac 8x DVD±RW drive takes full advantage of popular DVD and CD creation software such as Apple’s iDVD, iTunes and Disc Burner, as well as Roxio’s Toast Titanium and Popcorn applications.

“Our new 8x multi-format burner, with included iLife software, offers the ultimate DVD and CD recording experience,” said Michael Lowdermilk, Business Development Manager for FastMac Performance Upgrades in the press release. “With it, you can burn a complete 4.7 Gb DVD in under 10 minutes.”

The FastMac 8x DVD±RW drive burns DVDs at 8x speed and rewrites DVDs at 4x speed. It also writes to DVD-RAM discs at 3x speed, CD-Rs at 24x speed, and CD-RWs at 10x speed.

“FastMac is very excited to be the first to market this product,” added Lowdermilk in the press release. “Our 4x drives have been incredibly popular with users whose laptops didn’t initially come with a SuperDrive. But now with the availability of the 8x drive, owners with 1x and 2x SuperDrives will see a dramatic increase in performance, making it a worthy upgrade.”

In addition to being the fastest DVD Burner for Apple laptops, the FastMac 8x DVD±RW drive is also the easiest to install, with FastMac’s new, easy to understand, fully illustrated instruction manuals included with purchase of each drive.

– Write to DVD-R: 8x Speed
– Write to DVD+R: 8x Speed
– Rewrite to DVD-RW: 4x Speed
– Rewrite to DVD+RW: 4x Speed
– Write to DVD-RAM: 3x Speed
– Write to CD-R: 24x Speed
– Rewrite to CD-RW: 10x Speed
– Read from CD-ROM: 24x Speed
– Read from DVD-ROM: 8x Speed
– Buffer Under-Run Protection
– Warranty: 1 Year

FastMac’s 8x DVD±RW drive, priced from $229 for most models, is compatible with the following Apple computers:
– PowerBook G4 Titanium (all models)
– PowerBook G4 Aluminum (all models and screen sizes)
– iBook G4 (all models and screen sizes)
– PowerBook G3 Pismo and Lombard
– PowerMac G4 Cube
– iMac G3 Slot-Loading (all models)
– iMac G5

More information here.


  1. you know… that’s really not too bad of a price, considering what it’s going to replace. Maybe I will breathe another touch of life into my 12″ PB 867 … I love the machine, and haven’t done a ton of DVD burning with it, but enough to wish it wasn’t a 1x drive.

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