Analyst throws cold water on Apple iPod – Sirius Satellite radio deal

“Sirius Satellite Radio was down 5 percent at $7.27 after Stifel Nicolaus analyst Kit Spring told clients that it’s unlikely that the company will announce a deal with Apple Computer to combine satellite radio with the iPod MP3 player,” David B. Wilkerson reports for CBS MarketWatch.

“Spring dismissed speculation about such a deal, which had come from a report on During a meeting with the company earlier this week, Sirius’ management team ‘strongly reinforced that their strategy is to get standard in cars,’ Spring said, ‘and that wearable devices are simply an added feature rather than a new category driver,’ Wilkerson reports. “The analyst went on to say that it didn’t appear to him that MP3 deals are ‘an urgent strategic move.'”

Full article here.

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  1. FIRST.. .ok, no just kidding. This is why analysts and the stock market suck. You aren’t doing a new deal? well crap, *poof* devalued. heh… it’s a cool idea tho… iPod and Sirus or XM, i’d buy one.

  2. Apple & Srius could do a deal what they offer could be complimentary –
    1. Apple could license fairplay to Serious.
    2. Sirius could incorporate it into one of their own HD branded players (if they ever make one).
    3. Music bought through iTunes plays on the portable and in the car.

    Subscription (like) service with iTunes tie in:
    1. As music is streaming, the player could have a link to the itunes store, adding song to shopping cart for purchase & download later via broadband.
    This would require two communication which I’m not sure Sirius provides.

  3. It might be interesting to receive the Sirius channels through iTunes. It would sure make a subscription a lot more useful for me, as I’d likely spend most of the day listening to it while working.

  4. Something does not feel right about this deal. I don’t see what apple has to gain. Are the people who use Sirius the same that buy iPod”s. I know over 20 iPod owners and not one Sirius. Something ain’t kosher here

  5. I don’t want a subscription service to only listen to Sirius or some other preset channels but would seriously consider one that�lets me create playlists from the iTMS library.

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