Apple Computer leads in visits to computer web sites

“Apple Computer Inc. led computer manufacturers’ web site in terms of unique visitors for the week ending Nov. 14, with 4.9 million, Nielsen/NetRatings reports. No. 2 was Dell Inc., with 2.7 million, followed by Hewlett Packard Co. with 2 million, Gateway Inc. with 479,000, Xbox, with 406,000, Sun Microsystems Inc., 339,000, IBM, 332,000, and eMachines, 299,000,” reports.

“Consumers spent the most time at IBM, at 10 minutes and 38 seconds. The average time spent at a computer manufacturer’s site was 8 minutes, 3 seconds. Men dominated computer sites, with 57% of traffic being male. 35% of visitors had household incomes over $75,000,” reports.

Full article here.


  1. Apple’s site is really well done and has interesting content so it makes sense. Now if only all the visits would translate into sales we would be sitting pretty. I’ll bet that a much larger percentage of the visits to Dell translate into sales.

  2. This number includes visits to what I believe still is the most popular destination for movie trailers.

    I wonder how much Apple’s recent migration to using iTunes to provide trailers affects these numbers?

  3. “Consumers spent the most time at IBM, at 10 minutes and 38 seconds”

    That’s because IBM makes it a pain in the ass to find anything on their site. Worst designed site EVER.

  4. “The numbers go down”

    Quite right, mike. That is assumed. The key phrase of the question remains, “how much?”

    Additionally, does/could Neilson include the iTunes trailers?

  5. Andy C.:
    “Worst designed site EVER.”

    ::: cough! ::::

    Almost chocked on my bottled water there man.. have you seriously ever visited ?

    There are plenty of commercial pages that abuse their audiences in ways that IBM cannot even begin to comprehend. If you think that IBM is the worst… well I think you should look at more pages… lol

    If your point was just to suggest that IBM could stand for improvement tho, I won’t disagree, a lot of corporate sites are not super easy to find things on, unfortunately. Apple along with are some of the best.

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