Apple Computer to host special event with U2 today

Apple Computer last Monday sent out an invitation to press outlets to attend a special event scheduled for today.

The invitation stated:

Steve Jobs, Bono and The Edge invite you to a special event.

Bono and The Edge are members of the band U2. Both Bono and The Edge, along with their song “Vertigo,” are featured in an Apple commercial currently airing nationally in the US.

Apple’s music event Tuesday could produce an iPod preprogrammed with the entire U2 catalog, Alan Promisel, research analyst with IDC, told several media outlets yesterday.

The event is scheduled for today at 10AM PT / 1PM ET at San Jose’s California Theater. MacDailyNews will bring you news of the event’s announcements later today.

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  1. My best guess about today is that there will certainly be announcements regarding several European countries being added to the iTunes Music Store, as well as a few others (Canada and Australia, possibly). Observing the way Apple tends to introduce new products, I would be really surprised if they announced their rumored Flash-based iPod or the Photo iPod (my guess is they will be announced at MacWorld in January). In my opinion, the biggest blip on the radar is the U2 thing. If they do it right, don’t be surprised when Madonna, Eminem and the rest of the big artists do the same thing. Just my two cents.

  2. Uhh…they don’t like you either.

    I don’t get all of the U2 bashing going on at MDN. I can name any number of big musical acts that have real clout in the biz that I don’t care for personally, but would be glad to have any of them on the bandwagon, adding weight to what Apple is trying to do.

    i.e. The Rolling Stones, Madonna, Usher and Ashlee Simpson

    Ashlee’s ipod could be see-through!

  3. A non-event for me… a black (?) U2 iPod? -Whopdeedoo. Can anyone think of a bigger multi-platinum “band” that are so weak on their instruments? – Drummer – high school back beats.
    Bass – ahhh, next. “The Edge” – knows like 3 riffs… and a fat ego-maniac prancing about… Gimme the F ‘in CLASH ANY DAY! Oh, nad a $99 iPod micro too : )

  4. Could it be that Apple and U2 will announce a new iPod/accessory along with XM radio? Today XM is supposed to announce a new portable device (walkman). Maybe it is an accessory for the iPod? XM and Apple’s announcement are both at 1pm. Imagine running XM radio through you iPod! Could be interesting…

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