Is U2 cool enough for Apple?

“‘I hate U2,’ said my 17-year-old son during a commercial between innings while we were watching the baseball playoffs last week. That’s bad news for Apple Computer, which has signed up the aging rockers for a big promotion of its popular iPod music player. Apple already is running an iPod commercial that features U2 front man Bono singing the Irish band’s latest single, ‘Vertigo.’ And Apple plans a promotion involving iPod and its music-download service, iTunes, around the band’s upcoming album, ‘How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb.’ A word of advice to Apple: Hip is the most relative of relative terms, and U2 may be well past it,” John Soat writes for InformationWeek.

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MacDailyNews Take: U2’s association with Apple, the iPod, and the iTunes Music Store won’t hurt and can only help Apple.


  1. “cool” is a relative term….

    Remember…. once upon a time… “The Fonze” was considered “cool”…

    (and for those who dont remember him…ask your parents)

  2. So because this guy’s idiot son says he hates U2 (how about telling us what he likes?) means that this promotion is going to kill iPod sales? First off, let’s wait and see what the promotion is first before any of us makes a snap judgment. Second, whatever the promotion is, millions of people of all ages (many of them certainly lucky 17 year olds) have shown that the iPod is cool on it’s own, and the U2 iPod, if that’s the the promotion really is, is just one model that will be available. If you don’t dig U2, buy the white one or a Mini.

    Who knows, maybe U2s affiliation with iPod will make them cool to those that don’t like them now.

  3. No mater who you choose someone won’t like them. But what do I know? I’m a John Denver fan. I may not be grandpasteve, yet, but I’m old enough.
    BTW – Groovy commercial!

  4. Yeah I can see that aligning yourself with one of the greatest rock bands of all time might be a bad move…NOT! These guys are in the company of The Rolling Stones, people. Even if you don’t like them, you have to respect their career.

  5. U2 is not cool. They’re a bunch of whiny ass self important dolts. Has beens. Apple could have done better. I mean seriously, who cares what BONO thinks? Cracks me up that some people think they’ve “sold out.” They sold out the minute they signed the first record deal!!!!!!

    Now, if Beyonce was shakin that fine booty of hers with an iPod on her hip, I might just need to buy another one.

    Or how about Le Tigre to reflect the cultural phenomenon that is iPod?

    “Nanny Nanny Boo Boo!”

  6. There are words of wisdom in the article that should not be underestimated. The goal of an advertising campaign for a product like the iPod is to get the widest possible appeal (particularly to a core segment like teens). U2 is not a hit band with the kids anymore (was in my day – remember Joshua Tree). Thereis always a risk of alienating a segments of your market when you link yourself with strong icons.

    I do not think it will be a tragedy, but also does not do as much for Apple as it does for U2.

  7. Gee. My 16yo son thinks that this U2 thing (if it happens) is a superb idea. His normal listening fare is hip hop and emo (no, I have no idea what I just said, but I know it’s not like U2).

    So my 16yo trumps your 17yo.


  8. There is NO subject more likely to bring out the bigotry, prejudices, and hatreds in people than music today. Not everyone is religious. Not everyone is even political. But EVERYONE has an firmly-held opinion about music, and eliciting it from them invariably brings out the WORST they have to offer. This puerile 17-year-old can’t name all 50 states, I’d wager, but he already knows what and who he HATES musically. His is the Kleenex Music generation; use/listen to it once and throw it away!

  9. Yeah theonius, lets get artists who have absolutley no substance to their careers and will only last as long as their booty can stay “fine”

    The Stones
    The Grateful Dead

    Not a single “nice booty” (IMHO), but great music that have resonated through the decades that have millions and millions of fans throughout the world. You wont see a 50 year old Beyonce or Britney on stage and selling alblums. Go watch your MTV2 and be the biotch of the RIAA and buy what they tell you.

  10. I don’t think U2 is “cool” either, but as MDN properly noted, their association with Apple won’t hurt things one bit, they can only help. It might actually bring more 30+ year old consumers on board and they have far more money to spend on iPods than 17 year kids do anyway.

    I’m no U2 fan, but thank God at least I’m not having to watch a Britney Spears or Christina Aguilera commercial ad for iPods every 5 minutes. Now that would definitely be VERY uncool…

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