Microsoft releases Office 2004 for Mac Service Pack 1

The Macintosh Business Unit (Mac BU) at Microsoft Corp. today announced the availability of Service Pack 1 (SP1) for Office 2004 for Mac via Microsoft AutoUpdate. Customers are encouraged to download SP1; it addresses potential security issues and bugs that their feedback played an important role in identifying. New to Office 2004, Microsoft Error Reporting Protocol (MERP) allows customers to communicate bug data anonymously to Microsoft, enabling efficient fixes and helping increase the overall stability of Office 2004.

“Our customers who use Office for Mac every day are a valuable resource because they put the product to the test in real-life scenarios that expand on our experiences in the lab,” said Scott Erickson, group product manager for the Mac BU at Microsoft in the press release. “We strive to deliver the best possible product experience through extensive testing and by gathering customer feedback. This helps us determine issues to address within a service pack and prioritize which improvements will make the most difference.”

When an issue occurs, MERP gives customers the choice to anonymously communicate data to Microsoft so developers can pinpoint and solve issues that affect users. While Microsoft proactively worked to improve Office 2004 through thousands of its own tests, new tools such as MERP played a large part after the product shipped in determining fixes included in SP1.

A service pack is a tested, cumulative set of security and critical updates following an initial product release, along with fixes for problems found by Microsoft or through MERP data provided by customers and through customer support calls. Customers will be notified and can download Office
2004 for Mac SP1 via Microsoft AutoUpdate. In addition, customers can download SP1 for Office 2004 from ; Office X and 2001 users may also visit the Web site to receive new security updates and bug fixes specific to their product versions.

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  1. I just installed Office 2004 a couple of weeks ago because I needed a compatible word processor. Now I’m starting to regret it. Are there any real alternatives out there?

  2. Until or unless Apple comes out with something fully comparable, I’ll keep using Office 2004. Would I prefer an Apple solution over one from M$? Certainly. But until one comes along, I’ll stick with Office. Mac users that are not strictly blind M$ haters realize that it’s not that bad of a software suite anyway.

  3. As a serious business Mac user, Office is a must. AppleWorks is OK for home use, but you can’t install it in a corporate environment, it’s just not good enough or used enough. I would love to see an Apple Office, but I doubt it will come. Maybe an updated AppleWorks will, with some added Word and Excel compatibility. OpenOffice is largely unproven, I don’t think it will take off in a big way.

    Why shouldn’t MS release updates to their software? It provides a good service to existing customers. Apple does this all the time with OS X updates. Apple broke networking and Firewire drives with different OS X updates, so don’t tell me that making software with bugs is just for MS.

    “Break Loose NOW!!” didn’t do himself/herself any credit with that post. I think for myself, and decided that MS Office was better than the Apple apps. And it Syncs with a Palm MUCH better than iSync.

  4. guys i love office.. but for god’s sake DELETE THE AUTOUPDATE app.

    I’m not gonna let those bastards insert anything they want.. making this or that the default.

    Again.. love the software, but the last thing i need is MS breaking it with an SP.. I’ll let you know if i find any bugs

  5. It’s people like you Eric that keep the problem going.

    If the marketshare for Appleworks increases Apple has no choice but to provide a better product.

    Right now Apple doesn’t want to appear to be pushing M$ off, there are some compatability issues like VPC that the two need colaboration on.

    Apple most likely already has a OfficeMac killer, it’s just not wise to release it unless demand calls for it. M$ most likely has threatened to pull off VPC if Apple puts out a iOffice.

    But build the demand and Apple can use the excuse “we have 25 million Mac users demanding a upgrade to our product…”

    Create the demand and Apple will follow and M$ will have to accept that the consumer has spoken.

    People don’t want security issues of M$ product on their Mac’s.

    If that means using a slightly less feature rich product then so be it.

    So go back to Redmond where you belong.

  6. I have upgraded with the Service Pack One, everything is fine, I don�t use really any of the other programs besides Word. So I don�t really have any issues, beside one comment to all you M$ haters. Give me a break, Apple has �security updates� all the time…and they to are here to �control� you. What program or OS doesn�t do that! It�s what they are for, unless you want to build your own program/OS! So get off the band wagon of hating Microsoft, Apple is a Corporation too! To get your money, that�s what business is for. Don�t like, tough!

  7. To all you Mac based M$ apologists, get a PC and go back to Redmond where you belong.

    Apple is dam near dying and all you can do is praise M$.

    Apple is doing it’s dammest to turn around from being erased off the face of the planet and all you can do is focus your tiny minds on one product.

    Take a look at the whole picture.


    Damm fence straddlers, M$ could pull or hobble OfficeMac next year, but because you built up a dependancy on the product you find yourself having to buy a PC to run the damm thing because you never gave any other products a chance.

    Microsoft’s goal is to dominate. And allowing them your mindshare with OfficeMac is serving M$ and not Apple.

    So basically your a traitor, just you never realized it until now.

  8. I agree, Microsoft OfficeMac has integrated features to search thier sites, their email, their everything.

    I don’t like it, I don’t like Service Packs, I don’t like this new snitchware.

    It is a Trojan horse, even ads in MacWorld “develop your corporate self”

    What kind of brainwashing bull$hit is that?

    I use Mac’s to be free from them, I will use Appleworks and support my favorite company.

    Peace to all Mac lovers. The revolution has begun!

  9. Oh come on you anti-Microsoft trolls. Have you no clue? Word and Excel were on Macs first! You idiots need to get your heads out of your nether parts. Some people have to do their jobs.

    Yeah, jobs. Not all of us can live in mommy and daddy’s basements and frag losers like yourselves in Quake 3 games all day and night. We like to drive cars, and meet girls and do cool stuff. That means you have to have money!

    Losers. Shut up and get lives why don’t you? It’s not a perfect world where we have to have Microsoft products on our Macs, but it’s a sight lot better than losers like yourselves who don’t have anything to do all day long but frag and sit around whining about the “evil empire.”

    I’ll tell you what the real evil empire is. It’s people who think that the only thing that counts is what’s good for themselves. That the rest of the world can go curl up and die. That’s the real evil. And if you want to do something about it, get rid of the status quo! Think different! And use the best tool for the job at hand, no matter who makes it. Apple, Microsoft, Glock, whatever.

  10. Mac zealot,

    I recall reading somewhere about free upgrades for those that have Office X (I believe). Is that what you are referring to? If so, can you provide a link to that?


  11. You go Steve Jobs, if that’s your “real” name.

    I wish people here would stop being such radical bigots. Didn’t the real Steve Jobs say there was no “Church of Mac”? Perhaps he hasn’t been to MDN lately.

    I enjoy this site for what it provides but in the name of Steve, quit being so bigoted. You are doing Apple no favors by being so biased. It turns people off. It makes the rest of us more experienced Mac users embarassed.

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