Apple iPod grabs massive market share, leaves also-rans in the dust

“Over the last year, Apple’s share of the music player market has rocketed – with almost seven in ten players in the US bearing the iPod name,” Jo Best reports for “According to research from NPD Group, the iPod holds nearly 68 per cent of the music player market, with the closest rival, Rio, holding just over six per cent and third place challenger iRiver with around five per cent.”

“Apple’s slice of the total media player market is not to be sniffed at – but the statistics for the iPod’s share of the US hard drive-based player market is even higher – 82 per cent, with the second place going to Creative,” Best reports.

Full article here.

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  1. I’m betting on 1.15 million iPods shipped for the the 4th quarter results announced tomorrow.

    And I’m also willing to stick my neck out and state 2.5 million players sold for October-December.

  2. With HP selling its version the iPod sales can only go but up. After seeing Branson’s mini-iPod killer I feel pretty comfy..aww hell smug..that the iPod has a long healthy future.

  3. If you watched the checked out the last quarter results you would of saw that they boosted up the iPod production to 1 million units per Month…not quarter. So expect a lot more than that. Don’t just throw random numbers out there…

  4. I wonder if we should start talking with Creative & RIO about market share and installed base? :p

    Don’t those puny numbers mean that they are about to go out of business and they should just give up?

  5. Actually, it’s not a random number.

    It’s based on watching the trends over the last two years and puting together random snippets of intelligence that leak out from time to time.

    BTW, my guess has been within +/- 2.5% for the last three quarters so take it or leave it.

  6. Lockups: the Karma has taken a lot of flak for locking up, and I can’t say that it’s not justified. The player has locked once when I was loading music on it, in which case I simply reset with a bent paper clip and it was good to go. However, several days ago I was walking with it, attempted to change songs midstride, and it locked hard. Since I was on my way to work with no paperclip in sight (and the unit won’t turn off when it locks up), the hard drive spun and seeked for 40 minutes until I got in the office. At that point, the unit was warm to the touch and had drained half the battery. After reset, the unit would not power up properly. Going into rescue mode showed that it was having trouble reading the disk. (crap!) After reading some message boards where others have experienced similar problems, I decided that I had little to lose and smacked it flat down on the desk. The Karma made a little grinding noise and booted up! It has worked perfectly since then, but I’m somewhat concerned about my purchase. Rio only offers a three-month warranty by default, so I would recommend going with an extended warranty if you decide to purchase a Karma

    Requires a smack to work

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