Apple releases two new iPod ads featuring U2

Apple has posted two new iPod commercials featuring U2’s newly released “Vertigo” track at the iTunes Music Store. The two spots are entitled “iPod Ad” and “iPod Ad (Extended).”

See the new ads via iTunes here: U2


  1. Great! I admit “Vertigo” wasn’t an initial favorite, but it’s starting to creep into my subconscious, the iPod video will probably get it there sooner.

    But while your there, check out the Sarah McLachlan video for “World on Fire” . I love it when an artist puts their money where their mouth is. Instead of spending loads on the video, they donated to a slew of different charities around the world. So every time the video says something like director fees $8000 for 2 days, could pay for school for 30 children in some specified country… they actually did it, paid for the food, medical supplies, new buildings, etc. a full list of donations can be viewed

  2. What I got from this silhouette video ad is that the music goes directly from the mics, the guitars and other instruments and is injected directly into your ears via the iPod. Note the ubiquitous white cord connected to the guitars and mic.

  3. Can we take a moment to compare that ad to the Macy Gray ad for the sony walkman.

    I like Macy Gray but that ad is pretty lame.

    I like U2 and this ad kicks the crap out of the Sony ad.

    I don’t know about the song so much, but the ad rocks, and it’s memorable, the Sony ad is entirely forgettable.

  4. The song is awsome and so is that ad!!!!
    That’s how the ipod got stylish.Apple’s
    awsome product marketing team.Even though thats the only thing there really marketing.

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