Microsoft: The safest way to run Windows is on your Mac

“When you run a virtual machine in Virtual PC for Mac, the operating system that is installed on the virtual machine may be vulnerable to attacks by Windows-based viruses if the virtual machine is configured to connect to the Internet directly through Virtual Switch networking. In Virtual Switch networking mode, the Windows operating system directly connects to the Internet. As a result, it may be vulnerable to attacks from Windows-based viruses and other malicious programs,” Microsoft Knowledge Base Article 828574 states.

“If the Windows operating system is connecting to the Internet by using Shared Networking, it is in fact connecting through the Macintosh operating system and the Macintosh networking connections. This type of connection can help protect your operating system from network-based virus attacks. However, your [Windows virtual computer] may still be vulnerable to virus attacks through e-mail messages. Microsoft recommends that you use an antivirus program to scan all your incoming e-mail messages,” Microsoft Knowledge Base Article 828574 states.

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Funny! Microsoft is basically stating that Mac OS X is secure and it can shield Windows’ inherent insecurity from the Internet. Seems like the safest way to run Windows is on your Mac!

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  1. Well, this is not news in the sense that it is “new” and heretofore not known. However, words cannot describe how ironic this must be for MS to admit.

    Wondering which one will be the proverbial “straw?”


  2. The same is true if you’re running Virtual PC for Windows. When using Shared Internet Connection the host computer acts as a router for the virtual machine. This particular issue is agnostic with regards to a Mac vs PC argument. I rest easy in the knowledge that someone will correct me if I’m wrong. =) I must confess, however, that I was unaware of the vulnerability when in Virtual Switch mode. Yikes! =(

  3. It’s agnostic to a certain extent, but you’d have to be running VPC on a PC that was securely set up in the first place for it to be OK in shared mode. That’s a big assumption.

    That’s like saying, “PCs are secure, you just have to set them up right”, when, in fact it’s arguably impossible to do so because it takes longer to download the patches than it does to get infected.

  4. “Words cannot describe how ironic this must be for MS to admit”

    At least they admit things…

    Apple Support Sucks…..

    They rely on the public to support their proprietary OS…

    Yesterday, I called apple on an issue ive been having with a G5 not picking up on its 2nd processor.

    Apple: Hello, thanks for calling apple care, my I have your name please.

    Me: Snagglepuss

    Apple: thank you for that, do you have a open ticket to refer your call to today?

    Me: No

    Apple: Do you have a warranty or did you buy an applecare package.

    Me: No,its supposed to come with them because we buy about 300 systems a year from you guys.

    Apple: What is the serial number for the machine your calling in reference to?

    Me: Gave serial.

    Apple: I show that this machine is out of warranty so therefore I cannot provide Applecare for it.

    Me: Really? I just bought it less than a month ago, and the 90 day support period is already up?
    What did you guys start the 90 days when it was in YOUR warehouse?

    Apple: No

    Me: Well then why cant I have support.

    Apple: You need to take it to a certified apple support specialist…

    Me: I just bought the machine. Do you guys relize that I buy so much from you but the support I receive on your products suck? I buy tons from dell, And they give me support for 3 years for free.

    Apple: You need to take it to a certified apple support specialist…

    Me: I dont understand why you cannot support a product that you just sold me, why is the warranty up on the system?

    Apple: All I know is the serial you gave me shows the warranty was up in may…Take it to an apple specialist and they will be able to help.

    Me: You suck…Click

    So you see, I bought this machine in September, but the warranty was up in May….That is bullshit…

    At least dell sells me a crappy machine and supports the crappy thing until 3 years later…
    MS Is the same way, i have no problems getting support from them, Although i’ve never had to call them for windows or office support.

  5. “PCs are secure, you just have to set them up right”, when, in fact it’s arguably impossible to do so because it takes longer to download the patches than it does to get infected.

    You wont get anywhere with that attitude either.

    Still no viruses, malware, spyware, etc after 10 yrs of using windows…

  6. I have to run VPC for one small proprietary app that I demo, and it needs to have Access installed. Basically I have Windows, Office and the app installed on my PB. Not as fast as it could be, but works well for me.

    The funny thing I have found is that Windows is more stable on a Mac than it is on a Dell!

  7. Well you must know how to set them up right. Good for you. This Windows security stuff must all be nonsense becasue Snagglepuss doesn’t have a problem. Applecare must be 5hit because Snagglepuss had a problem.

    Now in this instance, of course Applecare were 5hit, but it really doesn’t seem like you gave them much of a chance. This is just a call centre person you spoke to, working off a script. You need to sweet talk them. If you get aggressive, then BZZT! thanks for playing!

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