Report: Apple Computer may have rights to Apple name for digital music

“Apple’s position in its legal dispute with The Beatles’ Apple Corps may be much stronger than suspected, according to new information about the last settlement between the two companies,” Simon Aughton reports for PC Pro. “In 1991, following Apple Computer’s decision to include digital music (MIDI) hardware in Macs, they signed a confidential agreement limiting Apple Computer’s activities in the music field. Earlier this year Apple Corps filed writs in California and London alleging that the computer maker had violated this, writs that included brief snippets of the original agreement.”

Aughton reports, “According to those who have seen the California papers, the extracts reveal that although Apple Computer was prohibited from selling or distributing music in a physical form, such as CD, it was given freedom in the digital sphere.”

More info and settlement speculation in the full article here.


  1. I so hope Apple Computer wins, and wins big so the beatles will just take their greedy little hands and go away… they have no right to get into someone else’s innovation.

  2. Its confirmed. The Beatles are now just like Moneysoft.. is ALL they have left to worry about.

    Destitute of original thinking, content, style and everything else worth having.

    May Apple’s tribe grow.

  3. The Beatles are irrelevant. One has to wonder what they felt they deserved. More than likely grasping straws.

    But based on the settlement from the last case, I still don’t see how in the world they sued. iTunes is a music store.

    I’m frustrated, never mind. All I know is that I would not settle with them. I would much rather pay the lawyers than to give Apple Corps one red cent.

    Too litigious a society we live in.

  4. This could all turn out good for Apple. My prediction? I’m glad you asked, it is that by 2007, more then 50% of all computer users will be on a mac, everyone in the world will own an iPod (or mini), and Bill Gates will be killed by Steve Jobs in a cage match where Steve Jobs whips out an iPod and starts whacking Bill. And all of the people who were using a mac in 2004 will be Gods of there town. yep

  5. Why do you publish this drivel ? Don’t you read your own stories ? This was addressed in this forum on Sept 17th.
    In a comment to your own article here, the definitive answer was provided by Gandalf :
    “Apple Computer is specifically entitled to: “have the exclusive right to use or authorise others to use the Apple Computer Marks on or in connection with goods or services within subsection 1.2 (such as software, hardware or broadcasting services) used to reproduce, run, play or otherwise deliver such content provided it shall not use or authorise others to use the Apple Computer Marks on or in connection with physical media delivering pre-recorded content within subsection 1.3(i) or (ii) (such as a compact disc of the Rolling Stones music).”

  6. Hey bjh, its fun going over old ground. Don’t let’s take it too seriously – after all you’re free to ignore it.

    What I’d like to know is MDN’s visitor numbers with all this action going on. I’d guess they’re up hugely?

  7. Trial lawyers don’t argue the letter of the law they argue the interpretation of the law. Remember, Bill Clinton demanding what the definition of “is” is?

    These Apple Corps lawyers are more interested in pocketing money than promoting social justice.

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