Freeware ‘World of Aqua 5’ icons released, includes new iMac G5

Iconfactory artist Dave Brasgalla has released a shiny new collection of photo-illustrative goodies as he expands the already formidable World of Aqua series of freeware icons. Some of the featured icons were unused projects concepts, some were simply created to satisfy a whim, but they form an eclectic collection with something for everyone.

More info and download link here.


  1. Smithy…

    yep, thats true…and it never ceases to amaze me how stupid people are for using any of their products…

    When you read stuff like..this .. ..this…and especially something like ..this… only shows how dumb toe “followers” are….

  2. Ray is correct, I snatched these up last week. Dave Brasgalla is the finest OS X icon artist anywhere, period, and whenever I hear he has a new set coming out I start to get jumpy with anticipation. The guy can in all seriousness be compared with an artist who paints miniatures. He does amazing things with a 128×128 pixel canvas; take a look at his Lord of the Rings or King Kong collections at the Iconfactory. If anyone can recall on which site he did an interview recently about his technique, I’d be grateful. What I found mindboggling was the fact that his drawing instrument of choice is the mouse for God’s sake. Truly an amazing talent.

  3. On a somewhat related note, during the interview I was referring to, Brasgalla admits that he was contracted by Apple to create some of the OS X system and application icons, although he was forbidden from saying which ones by a non-disclosure agreement. Any guesses? I’m willing to bet that the Safari icon is his handiwork. The icon for Internet Connect also looks suspiciously like something he would produce.

  4. Microsoft have their own version of Freeware, which certainly isn’t free, but they pronounce it: Fee! Where?

    I think the Encarta definition is something like “Sniffing out money owed, through bloated licensing contracts…”, or someting…

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