Free WeatherDock 1.0 for Mac OS X released

WeatherDock 1.0 displays weather information based on xml-feeds supplied by It displays textual weather information as well as icon-based. It actively updates the Dock icon based on the current conditions. Next to the current conditions it contains 5 day forecasts as well as a 24-hour hour-by-hour forecast.

Key features:
– Current conditions
– 5 day weather forecasts
– 24 hour hour-by-hour forecast
– Favorite locations
– Daytime/nighttime location
– Speech synthesis

WeatherDock is a Mac OS X Native application written in Cocoa / Objective-C. It requires a minimum of Mac OS X 10.3.0 (Panther) to function as designed. Though untested, it will most likely be functional in an previous version of Mac OS X.

Full article here.


  1. I like weatherpop. it’s up in the bar next to the clock. I like my dock uncluttered.

    btw, if they can update my weather on the fly, why can’t apple update ical’s date icon? and what’s the deal with airline peanuts? who are these people?

  2. I used to use Meteorologist, but stopped because of its crashes (and because I have trouble spelling a word with all those o’s). Now I use WeatherMenu, and keep my local area and my kids’ areas in the menu bar on the right. I get an icon showing the state of the weather (sunny, night, etc.), an abbreviation for the location, and the temperature — all on the menu bar for three locations. Helps to have a large monitor.

  3. I tried running WeatherDock on my iBook running 10.2.8. It will not even launch. So much for being most likely functional in older versions of OSX. At least I still have WeatherPop!

  4. Someone told me that some programs like this track your internet usage. I believe this is a lesser possibility on a mac, but can anyone be sure if there is no tracking software in this?

  5. Yes, I’m sure there is no tracking software. I’m assuming you mean stuff like spyware or something to that amount. I’m just an hobby-ist and have no need to spy (site-stats are enough for me).<br>
    The programs works on european locations as well see WeatherDock 1.1 for more information on adding locations.<BR>
    I’m sorry I said it would probably work on 10.2, I haven’t tested it and now I now. The requirements do state a minimum of 10.3 however, so don’t complain.<BR>
    See for the latest version.

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