Should I repace my aging Windows PC with a Macintosh?

“Larry O.” asks tech columnist Mike Wendland, “I’m about to replace my aging PC. Are you still sold on Macs?”

Wendland responds in The Detroit Free Press, “Oh, yeah — especially the new iMac G5s, which I’ll be reviewing in a few weeks. I have never had a virus or worm infect any of my Macs, nor have I ever heard of any Mac user having such a problem. I’ve been using Macs exclusively for my personal use for nearly two years now.”

Full article, including another question, “Can I sue Microsoft? I installed Windows XP Service Pack 2, and now my computer is hopelessly trashed,” here.


  1. The best way to hurt MS is to ditch your aging PC and get a Mac.

    Just out of a conversation with a 2-week old switchers. Always nice to see amazed faces and hear all the “Oh, and did you know this works too? and that, and this other”. And nodding wisely “Of course, and for a long time”…

    Make people happy – again – one at the time.

  2. The best thing about this is that Wendland used to be pretty ignorant on Macs until he wrote an article a few years back that was full of misinformation. He got jumped on by Mac-heads world-wide who collectively convinced him that he was wrong and that he should give the Mac a chance, which he did. Now he’s a Mac-head too.

  3. Well, I remember when I downloaded OS 10.2.8 and it trashed my system. Or did it? Maybe if I had just run Disk Warrior and repair permissions before downloading the patch my machine would’ve been fine.

    Of course no one tells Windows users the run Spybot Search & Destroy, Disk Cleanup, Disk Repair (or NDD or a similar utility), and then run Registry Mechanic (or WinDoctor or a similar utility) before downloading a critical patch.

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