Mobile PC: Windows XP SP2 causing performance hit

“News outlets have been getting carried away in the flood of stories about Microsoft’s release of Service Pack 2 (SP2) for Windows XP, but no one has addressed the issue of performance with the new update. Well, we happen to have a few notebooks lying around the office, so we fired it up on a few — 10, to be exact — and then ran our benchmarks on the units. The verdict? SP2 can make your notebook run sloooow,” Mobile PC reports.

“Slower, anyway. Among the 10 systems, SP2 resulted in a performance hit of 3 to 22 percent on eight of the 10 machines. Granted, two saw small performance increases, but the average decrease in performance was a whopping 9 percent. (All tests are based on Sysmark 2002’s Business Productivity test.) We asked Microsoft if it was aware that there was a performance issue after upgrading to SP2, a spokesperson replied that Microsoft “takes all feedback on the performance of Windows XP SP2 seriously. At this time we are not aware of performance degradation on PCs running Windows XP SP2.” That’s funny, we thought we just told them that there was a performance problem. Watch for a thorough examination of SP2 performance in an upcoming issue of Mobile PC,” Mobile PC reports.

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Many of our Windows-only readers are considering adding a Mac OS X machine to their computing arsenals. Apple provides information about how to smoothly do so here.


  1. Gandalf..
    …. but that cant happen to ordinary PeeCees… because they all have their virus scanners running, also their anti-spyware, pop-up blockers ..their firewall(s) configured… and a host of other software titles.. all running…

    At least this is what I hear from the PeeCeers I come in contact with…

    Famous line frome them … “Oh, I dont have to worry about that stuff…. I’m safe”

    Yeah, right

  2. hehe, multitasking in Windows means being able to run all your virus scanners, adware blockers, pop-up blockers etc. at the same time.

    Even when Windows has just booted I bet it’s running about 70 processes AT LEAST just to keep the thing working (I use that term in loosely!)

    ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />

  3. Whoa! The media missed the latest and baddest and biggest virus that was released! It’s called SP2 and� oh sorry, they did announce that.

    OK. New headline.

    Researchers today report that tens of millions of people are being brainwashed by a major corporation into believing that their computers have not been invaded by a new virus. Instead, they are being told that it is in reality a new update with new “features” (visualize Dr. Evil saying this) that make computing better.

  4. Microsoft offers its customers 1 of 2 choices: speed or security. This is actually a very good marketing strategy.

    Windows users wanting speed will appreciate the fact that by not installing SP2 they can foster technological machismo – real men aren’t scare of no malmare.

    Windows users wanting security will appreciate the fact that by installing SP2 they can spend more quality time with their PC’s.

    Everybody is happy.

  5. Well, maybe not, since I haven’t installed SP2 on my Dull laptop at work (IT department orders to avoid SP2 at all costs ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” /> ). But it was during that spate of upgrades that my laptop suffered some kind of “infection” that’s causing it to run at half speed. I know this because I happened to be running some performance tests the week before and then the following week. Same set-up. For some unexplained reason, it started taking twice as long. I do have that blased automatic update running.

  6. I recently bought on Ebay a four year old Gigibit Ethernet DP 450 G4. Performance wise, it’s almost impossible to tell the difference between it and the brand spanking new Dull P4 3.something GHz workstation I use at work.
    Give the G4 a new video card and a Gig of RAM and it would certainly eclipse it. And just imagine how it would fly with a upgraded DP 1.5GHz G4s dropped in!

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