Apple’s Dual 2.5GHz Power Mac G5 is personal computing NIRVANA

“NIRVANA. That’s the only word to describe the thrill of having Apple’s top-shelf product, a G5 tower, to use for a few days,” Chris Oaten writes for The Advertiser. “With dual 2.5GHz G5 processors, 2.5Gb RAM (PC3200 DDR), 1.25GHz frontside bus (per processor), 512k L2 cache, 160Gb hard drive and an ATI Radeon 9200 XT video card supported by 128Mb VRAM, this machine really fires up, and has liquid cooling to keep it from boiling over.”

“Paired with a 23in High Definition (1920 x 1200) LCD display, it’s a fantastic gaming machine, pumping out glorious, richly detailed graphics. An Unreal Tournament 2004 session of about three hours, with all the detail settings ramped up to the max at 1600 x 1200 resolution, was enough to convince me this machine really has the goods,” Oaten writes.

“Despite its power, the G5 is amazingly quiet. Heard a cat purring? Well, a lot quieter than that. The only time you hear its power really roar into life is during a massive spike in processor activity, then it gives out a whoosh of fan noise that, oddly, leans more towards re-assuring than annoying. Which is just as well. Apples styling of this superb machine lends it the right to be up on top of the desk on show, not buried away underneath to muffle the hum,” Oaten writes.

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  1. Heh, what’s funy is, he’s right about leaving the G5 on top of the desk for show. I had placed my G5 on top of my desk for basically the purposes of showing it off…and I was intending on putting it on the floor after a time…but, well, I just can’t bear to do that. It’s just too beautiful to put down. So far, I’ve had my Dual 1.8Ghz G5 since late April, and I’ve only had to reboot it after downloading updates. It’s handled everything I’ve thrown at it and it hasn’t even flinched. I haven’t really played any games on it, though. I just haven’t had time, but I will be getting Doom 3 when it comes out for Mac OS X, so we’ll have to see then. All I can say is this…If you have the money, and want a powerful system, you cannot go wrong with a G5. I got mine from Apple through their Refurbishment program and saved $500.

  2. Dak: same here. The G5 (dual 2.0GHz) is on top of a spare desk, there, first thing to greets anyone getting in. And, with a 22 Cinema Display.

    And now that my colleague finally switched it is a Mac-only office. A dual G5, a 17″ PB and a 15″ PB.

    Just class, beauty and power.

  3. my dual 2 was a paradigm shift. Anyone out there who hasn’t felt the power of the G5 can’t really get how powerful these chips are. My recommendation is unless you have the money to buy one, don’t use one, because after you do your G4 just isn’t gonna feel the same…

  4. Before we go all glossy on Murdoch and THE ADVERTISER, and the groundswell of support for Macs in Australia, just realize the article was in the token Mac section of the Saturday paper – ie. one article on the second page of the computer section … The ITMS is yet to arrive, conversely, WMA downloads are a happening thing via BIGPOND. (The national phone carrier’s ISP.) Add to that the niche status of Apple in Australia – ask most people on the street, and they are surprised Apple is still going, think you can’t expand an Apple computer, think they’re not compatible with Windows computers, think they have the same problems as Windows’ computers, etc. etc.
    Microsoft are currently running adverts showing their software helping out in all manner of situations, my favourite – a young boy who wants to be a musician – apparently Microsoft software will help him get there! (I guess it’s taking longer to reverse-engineer GARAGEBAND than they thought it would, because as far as I know, Microsoft have no equivalent of it, but to look at the advert, you’d think Microsoft invented it!) – Apple’s advertising budget for Australia must be non-existent, because you just don’t see Apple adverts – wait, I lie – the other day I almost fell off my chair when I saw an advert for the iPod – that’s right, Apple – they make iPods, not a computer in sight … meanwhile players that support WMA are streaming on to the Australian market quicker than you can blink, but do they support Apple’s DRM AAC – No! Because Apple hasn’t licensed it … Oh, it’s happening in Australia all right – pretty much, “Same as usual” over here … certainly NOT quickly.

  5. There is a lot of Apple advertising in Brisbane, Australia. Not only are the iPod ads on television but the PowerMacs, PowerBooks and XServes are often in two-page magazine advertisements (Time Australia & New Scientist for example). We have also seen a lot of bus-stop posters for iMacs and iPods so I would hardly say that Apple’s marketing is non-existent in Australia.

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