Vote now: Apple iTunes in running for ‘internet innovation of the year’

MacDailyNews reader ‘Harry’ reports that “Future Publishing (one of the UK’s biggest tech magazine publishers) is holding voting for the ‘internet innovation of the year’ and iTunes has been shortlisted.”

Future’s webpages states, “Some Web innovations have changed the way we work, rest and play: think file-sharing, voice over IP and web conferencing. Send us your nominations for the latest Web innovation to rock your world!”

It’s iTunes vs. Jabber Open IM vs. Napster vs. ONSPEED vs. Skype. Voting closes at 5pm on 11th October 2004 and winners will be announced on the site on 11th November.

You can vote online here:


  1. You could say that Napster 1.0 was an innovation (but it wouldn’t qualify), but definitely NOT 2.0.

    iTunes all the way ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

  2. I hope those of us who vote actually bother to call up the other sites and experiment with them at least a little BEFORE casting our vote. Some sites may not work with Macs — in which case they don’t deserve the vote of Mac users — but we should make a good-faith effort to evaluate the sites available to us rather than just to engage in pure cheerleading.

  3. I’ve been reading extensivelly about the iTMS since it’s opening, learned about the goods and bads, and about what the competition offers.

    Being in Canada, I didn’t actually tried the iTMS, but I still think that it would deserve the title of “internet innovation of the year”. I don’t think it’s required to have actually used the store or it’s competition to have an valid opinion about it.

    Anyway the vote is not about “which online music store is the best”.

  4. Hey Zippy, it may be true that in Canada we can’t but songs from the iTunes Music Store, we can still browse it (although the sign up reminder is more than a little annoying if you’re not able to sign up). I find it a good place to browse and find music that sounds interesting since all tracks from an album have samples.

    Then I can search Limewire for exactly what I want (legal here), although the quality of .mp3’s off Limewire is not good. Lots of poorly ripped stuff that often is only half the song or labled incorrectly. I gladly pay $1 for a good quality download but a Mac user in Canada has no other online option. Sad but true.

  5. Voted Jabber, iTunes is great but changing the way the internet works? In the end it’s just a site where you can buy music. IMO Jabber/XMPP opens up quite a bit more interesting applications.

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