OSI to add several hundred Apple Xserves to data center

“OSI, along with IBM, Novell and Agilysys, is announcing its involvement in the Dedicated Linux Hosting industry. Within the walls of their Dedicated Data Center, the management has made the bold move to use Apple xServe with Mac OS X, and Novell’s newest version of SUSE LINUX Enterprise Server on all of their x86-based servers from IBM. With this new direction comes a new standard in the software and hosting industry… OSI’s Dallas facility has 101,000 sq ft to hold their dedicated servers, corporate offices, and a future blade server center. In conjunction with IBM, Agilysys and Novell, OSI is rolling out 12,000 IBM xSeries servers running SUSE Linux, along with several hundred Apple xServes,” LinuxElectrons reports.

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: The addition of “several hundred” Apple Xserves anywhere is good news no matter how you look at it. This is another success that Apple can showcase as they pitch their Xserve with Mac OS X Server OS solution to enterprises of all sizes.


  1. “they will also launch OSI into the spotlight position of ‘World’s Largest Open Source Based Dedicated Hosting Company.”

    I guess they are aiming to compete with Rackspace based in San Antonio, TX. Rackspace is one of the largest Linux based Mangaged Hosting companies in the country. Interesting.

  2. OSI?

    Well, I guess they need that money to keep Steve Austin going…

    By the way, here’s one for the old farts. Anybody remember ‘Ohio Scientific Instruments’ and their personal computers back in the late 70s/early 80s? The C2 4P?

  3. These news are potentially big. The more news like this one the better. For the time being OS X, G5 and Xserve are *making* a name. And in IT it is very important being able not to appear as the pioneer to venture into something new when proposing new infrastructure. Always good to show successful stories on slides.

  4. OSI Hosting is in no way related to OSI the software standard.

    We are our own company and yes we are dedicated to the Open Source movement. Thank you for your remarks


  5. I know this article is a bit old, but I came across it so thought it was necessary to do some pruning. Just Google “OSI Hosting” or “Jason Macer” and find out the truth behind these outrageous claims. Or call his ‘corporate’ number in “Dallas” and get his personal cell phone at home in New Boston, TX (or wherever he happens to be at the time). His stories can be very entertaining and deceptive, but nothing more.

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