Apple releases Security Update 2004-09-07

Apple has released Security Update 2004-09-07 which delivers a number of security enhancements and is recommended for all Macintosh users, according to Apple’s notes. This update includes the following components:


For detailed information on this Update, please visit this website:


  1. You’ve got to admit that Apple seems to be staying on top of the security issue. As long as they are careful and don’t break stuff as they do it, I say keep on sending the security updates.

  2. Ed: I know what you mean. I wish Apple could make that “feature” of more traditional Unix varients more available in Mac OS X. It would be great if they could reduce the need for rebooting after an update. This is a feature that the enterprise market are definitely interested in since downtime costs money, even if it is only a couple of minutes.

    We’ll just have to trust that Apple is doing everything they can to keep reboots to a minimum and that when an update is required, it is really necessary.


  3. sheesh !! and I havent yet installed the 10.3.5 update as yet…

    why ?? cuz I havent heard anything yay or nay about it yet…

    Should I ?? or shouldnt I ??

    any thoughts ??

  4. In some very brief testing, Best Buy, CompUSA, and Fedex are examples of sites that no longer render correctly in Safari after applying the update.

    I wouldn’t be in any great rush to apply the update until the scope of the issue(s) relative to number of sites affected is better known.


  5. I agree that some websites such as CompUSA and BestBuy do not render properly. If your Safari’s Debug menu is active, you can use another User Agent until this get fixed.

    It is hard to tell if Safari is bad or if the websites use non-standard (read as MS odd variations) HTML.

  6. …and before you start thinking that because the other browsers work fine that it must be Safari, there is a chance that using the non-standard HTML from MS could also produce a possible computer vulnerability. If so, I’d rather have a few messed up websites than be vulnerable to possible unauthorized downloads via MS’s “creative HTML coding” schemes for IE.

    In fact, you can go right to the authority of HTML standards,, and check any URL with their free validation service at .

    I entered “” into their validator and it came up with a whole page of errors. Primarily, the webpage isn’t properly declaring what DocType it is. Because of BestBuy’s error in coding, Safari may not know what what format to use to decode it.

    If you design webpages, I STRONGLY urge you to run your pages through to make sure it complies to accepted standards.

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