Windows users need to consider switching to Apple’s Mac OS X

“I believe Microsoft should take full responsibility for the faulty design of Windows and recall every last copy of Windows ever sold. Buyers should get a working, safe, secure operating system in return,” Al Fasoldt writes for The Syracuse Post-Standard. “Some say that’s just not going to happen. But I can’t find anything in the realm of common sense that requires Ford or General Motors or any other automobile manufacturer to act responsibly by recalling defective vehicles while leaving Microsoft free to do as it pleases in its monopoly software market.”

“In light of Microsoft’s record and because of the current flood of Windows spyware and Windows viruses – an uncountable number of spyware infections and an estimated 125,000 active Windows viruses as of this month – I recommend two approaches,” Fasoldt writes. “I urge anyone who uses Windows to consider the two main alternatives to the Windows operating systems, Mac OS X and Linux. Both are much safer than any version of Windows and are free from spyware. There are only a few viruses for Linux PCs and none for Mac OS X.”

“Linux has a big advantage: It can be installed as a replacement for Windows on just about any Windows PC. Mac OS X is an operating system designed for Apple’s Macintosh computers, so you have to change from a PC to a Mac to switch to OS X. But Mac OS X has a huge advantage. Apple makes the Macintosh computers and the OS X operating system, and they work together seamlessly, without the problems that plague many Windows computers and some Linux PCs,” Fasoldt writes. “Nobody else makes the computer and the operating system. Apple’s advantage here is immense.”

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MacDailyNews Take: More information about smoothly adding a Mac OS X machine to your computing arsenal can be found here.


  1. “As member of Apple Board of Directors I have been informed by the John Kerry campaign that, in America’s best efforts to ensure a properous economy, maximize America’s security from hackers and nere’ do wells, increase competition and promote national socialism, the US government will issue a $6,999.99 tax rebate to Windows users who switch to the Macintosh.”

    (This offer does not extend to iPods. Void were prohibited. Employees of Apple computer and members of the right wing are excepted.)

    So, keep your receipts. Right?

  2. MS has basically had a free ride ever since IBM selected them for the OS when the PC was first introduced. During all this time then have sucked in a lot of dollars and delivered third rate software. While they have continued to enjoy sales because people buy computers from Dull or at Best Buy times are changing.

    The virus/worm situation has hit a crisis level – to the point where MS pulled Longhorn programmers to work on XP SP2 and that is a flop itself. 200+ programs that will not work properly (including MS apps) and less than a week to find the first security flaw.

    Now the landscape is different. Linux has shown that other OS approaches can work and the iPod, of all things, has shown that Macs can be pretty interesting.

    Pressure is on MS and I don’t know if they can deliver – they just don’t have the history of delivering quality and it might be too big a leap for them.


  3. I just finished reading the book “No Hands: The Rise & Fall of the Schwinn Bicycle Company: An American Institution.” Schwinn, at one time, was so dominate in the market it was thought it would always be around.

    However, its size and outdated factory made it difficult to react to the market. Huge mistakes were made leading to their bankruptcy in the early 90s.

    Microsoft is having many of the same issues and while its cash position is outstanding it is not unthinkable for MS to fall from its lofty position. Perhaps not bankruptcy but to lose its monopoly.

  4. iSteve,

    Funny you should mention Schwinn. The company is making an amazing comeback. There was a feature on TV a few days ago – perhaps 60 Minutes or a program like that. They still make their bikes in the U.S. too.

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