Win XP SP2 enhancements cause conflicts, don’t protect as claimed

“Security experts and vendors this week welcomed the introduction of Windows Firewall, part of Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2), as a valuable way of protecting PCs. But while the firewall is an improvement, it falls short of the standard of protection expected of commercial firewalls, according to some industry observers,” Matthew Broersma writes for

“Windows Firewall–which replaces the old Internet Connection Firewall–marks the first time all up-to-date PCs will have a firewall switched on by default, an important step in stopping the spread of viruses, according to industry analysts. However, the software suffers from two major flaws, critics say: it does not block outbound traffic, and it can be switched off by another application, possibly even by a clever worm,” Broersma writes.

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: An insecure veriosn of Microsoft Windows? Say it isn’t so! For our Windows-only friends, information about smoothly adding a Mac OS X machine to your computing arsenal can be found here.


  1. MacZealot4…But isn’t the standard Windows install and all for the user to be an admin? So, most would be admins unless they might just happen to be in a company with techies setting it up differently.
    So most are still vulnerable.
    No hypocrisy out of our end.

  2. Has any virus, trojan, worm or any other malciously distributed code or “security flaw” caused any widespread or appreciable damage (i.e. hundreds of thousands of wasted man-hours, billions in lost sales, and/or days of computer downtime) on any machine running Mac OS X to date?

    Let’s look at what one site has to say:

    I believe I counted ten (10) reports since OS X was released in 2001, but don’t take my word for it, check out the link.

    And the answer for M$:

    Not going to bother counting – you do it. I think you’ll see the difference pretty quickly.

    Yeah, I sure do “miss” having to run SBS&D and AdAware and PopUpStopper now that I have a 17″ iMac on my desk at work. That’s saves me an hour a week right there in productivity!

  3. Do any of you people have kids that use XP? Don’t you realize the majority of Windows users are kids AND adults who don’t keep up on “auto-update” or “security patches”?

    These are the same people who download all that crap from the internet. They have no idea that opening up an email attachment or illegally downloading a song can screw up their PC forever. Yes, there are still people out there like that.


    (Instead of putting out a shitty product, and then blaming everybody else.)

  4. Ha ha ha ha ha ha

    This is Gates’ version of a joke right?

    A super weak SPARK-Wall!

    Every hacker is the world has already installed and broken this thing!

    A sense of false security could increase sales, yeah, thats what they are thinking.


    BUY A MAC!

  5. Remember the article:

    SP2 is already causing some concern. It constrains more than protecting. Sure, it improves the security of windows systems but at the cost of new restrictions affecting the built in firewall, internet explorer and other OS components.

    Yesterday, we had confirmation that all versions of AFS for Windows whether released by IBM/Transarc or are incompatible with XP SP2 and that a patched version has to be installed. Guess how many other products will be affected as well.

    As soon as people will have – once more – to issue patches to fix the patch that patched the latest released patch to fix security issues which were patched by SP2 people will realize the Pandora Vase is still wide open.

  6. At least Microsoft are now admitting that Windows security is a problem and trying to sort out the mess. Of course they’ll make mistakes along the way, but if they move in the right direction, that’s a good thing. I also thnk we’re all forgetting that OSX updates can also break Mac software occasionally.

    I still wouldn’t buy Windows myself though. Sounds like too much hard work.

  7. At least Microsoft are now admitting that Windows security is a problem

    Uh, Dave? They didn’t have to ‘admit’ it.. Every Tech Publication since 95 has been admitting it. Don’t pat Bill and Paul on the back for lazily slopping together this mess they call Windows XP.

  8. MacZealot 1-5 are (obviously!) trolls. Please don’t feed trolls by responding to their drivel. It only encourages them to come back again and again. Why? Because conflict and bickering are what trolls thrive on. I don’t know why. I don’t know what terrible thing is wrong with trolls’ brains. But I do know that the best (only) deterrent is to completely ignore them.

    And if you like trolls and bickering with trolls, the trolls are infecting you with troll disease future troll ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

  9. mike

    You knew it, I knew it, every tech publication knew it. But until Microsoft admitted it and started to do something about it, nothing changed. Microsoft sat back on their arses for too long, yes, but now they are repairing the damage their former arrongance over security has caused. We can all sit and say “Too late”, but as long as the number of mass-mailer worm emails in my Inbox goes down and web sites that I want to get to don’t go offline thanks to a DOS attack, I don’t care.

  10. Spender,

    How the hell would an average Windows user know how a firewall works? They have never had one activated before and, from what I’ve heard, with SP2, they still haven’t.

  11. Remember, a huge number of windoze users aren’t using XP in the first place, so this patch will do nothing for them. Many XP users haven’t downloaded the new patch for a patch…yet, and may not ever do it. How many are still running completely unpatched versions of XP that are a couple years old?

  12. problem with windows is that the non-admin users are inconvenient.

    When you install the admin user should be integrated well enough so that it is just a password thing. Although, at work, I don’t trust being a limited user and installing software… so I login as admin. Of course, I also am behind a real firewall and can recognize virii.

    OS X is designed better when running as a non-admin, imho.

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