Sony’s Network Walkman sucks compared to Apple iPod

“This month, Sony’s belated response to Apple’s mini-miraculous portable audio player arrives in stores, priced at a premium of one-third over the comparable Apple iPod. We went to Sony Style on Madison Avenue, where the device called NW-HD1 had already landed, the sales tag at $399,” Stephen Williams writes for New York Newsday.

Williams writes, “‘How’s it compare to the iPod?’ I asked a salesman. ‘Battery life is a lot longer, up to 30 hours,’ he said. ‘The LCD readout is kind of dim,’ I said. ‘Battery life is a lot longer,’ he said. ‘I understand it can’t play MP3 files,’ I said. ‘Battery life is a lot longer,’ he said. Sense a theme here?”

“While the iPod gets juicier as time passes, it seems that Sony plays catch-up. Catching up is one thing; catching up to Apple guru Steve Jobs is another,” Williams writes.

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  1. If you encode at 16 kbps and put the tunes on your iPod, Sony can’t encode at that bit rate, then your battery life will be longer than the Walkman. Of course only spoken word sounds OK at 16 kbps or at the 64 kbps that Sony uses for it’s long battery life.

  2. The article is syndicated and appearing in newspapers around the country. Sony can’t be too happy ’bout that. As mentioned above, reduce the bit rate of songs you load into your iPod and you to can get 20 hours of battery life. If you need that many hours at one sitting then, well, YOU need a life… not the battery.

  3. I just returned my 2nd 4th gen ipod. Ipods are junk. If you’d actually try Sony’s new player you’d realize they didn’t rush to get the product out before working out the problems. You guys obviously haven’t been reading any of the new ipod’s problems.

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