Apple releases iPhoto 4.0.3 Update

Apple today released iPhoto 4.0.3 Update which addresses several issues with using multiple text rules in Smart Albums and it also eliminates some problems with creating iPhoto books in the German and Dutch languages. Additionally, 4.0.3 keeps users informed about new version of iPhoto that have become available.

Apple’s notes recommend that before updating, make a backup copy of your iPhoto library folder which is located in your Pictures folder.

More information and download link here. MDN readers also report that the update is available via Software Update.

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  1. Used 4.0.2 this past weekend during a family reunion – didn’t notice any hiccups or problems at all. Must have been something to do with the Euro-version of OS X that made it go all wonky – but I’m only speculating – anyone have any horror stories (or minor inconveniences) to report?

  2. I backup my photos on dvd every month!

    Once their gone – THERE GONE FOR GOOD!!

    Just installed the update – no problems!

    I would advise repairing permissions after updating though as there are some that iphoto use that will need repairing.

    When you next open iphoto it will also needs to update the library too – just press ‘ok’.

    Works a treat – though can’t seem to notice any improvement from the last update yet…

  3. Now that’s more like it; an update only days after the last one. I hope we see updates for the rest of the iApps soon. iDVD could do with a lot of speed optimisations; movies longer than sixty minutes take several hours to render on a dual 800 PowerMac.

  4. iLife 05 is going to be so incredibly revamped to take advantage of Tiger’s Core Image capabilities that optimizing the current line of iApps is probably not practical.

  5. The cautionary note about backup is not unusual. I downloaded 4.0.2 and then 4.0.3 to my iMac without incident. I was asked to update my iPhoto file after download and did without any problem. (I have a duplicate on my iBook). I also ran Disk Utility afterwards and there were some “corrections” implemented.

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