Motorola posts Steve Jobs’ Apple iTunes announcement video

Motorola, Inc.and Apple on Monday announced they are partnering to enable millions of music lovers to transfer their favorite songs from the iTunes jukebox on their Mac or PC, including songs from the iTunes Music Store, to Motorola


  1. AL, don’t be silly. The new phone won’t have a gigabit Ethernet port or an Airport card in it either, but does that mean that “Jobs and Apple are abandoning” gigabit Ethernet and Airport? It doesn’t have a 30″ flat screen monitor either, but… never mind.

    This is a Motorola phone, not an Apple product. Apple just licensed some technology to them and made an exciting announcement that bodes well for the future of iTunes, iPod, and Apple.

  2. Thanks for the link. That was no Apple keynote, for sure. In fact, it worried me. Stevie, my son, are you getting enough sleep? Looks like he pulled an all-nighter on the Real case.

  3. Big whoop.

    Give me a cell phone with a battery that lasts a week and maybe things like music might be interesting. More than anything else, just give me a freaking cell phone that MAKES A DECENT PHONE CALL and I’ll be happy. If you think I’m going to buy one to play music, get a clue.

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