4,500 Apple iBooks going to south Florida students

“Within a few months, 4,500 Broward students — some as young as 9 — will be on the front lines of a technological revolution in the county’s classrooms. Each student in the pilot project will be issued an Apple iBook computer,” Steve Harrison reports for The Miami Herald.

“The School Board has spent $5 million from its capital budget for the iBooks — the first step toward putting a personal computer in the hands of every child in grades 3 to 12,” Harrison reports. “School officials caution they’re still working on details of what’s called one-to-one computing, which is planned for Monarch High in Coconut Creek, Miramar High, Attucks Middle in Hollywood and Broward Estates Elementary in Fort Lauderdale.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: More lucky students getting work done with their computers, instead of always having their computers worked on, is always good news.


  1. Also, I’m originally from Broward County. Be insteresting to see how long those iBooks last…when I was a kid Attucks was the school everyone was afraid of being sent to.

  2. Maybe the kids could use the iBooks to watch their nutty state supreme court, which tried to steal the election for Gore in 2000 before being stopped by the US Supreme Court. Why waste the time of the federal courts?

  3. People it is not the first time a president has been chosen by the Electoral college when the Popular vote said otherwise. It happened to FDR too. Besides is anyone going to say that Gore would have been a good president? He would have shat his pants on 9/11. So instead of pointing fingers, how about everyone take responsibility for their actions for a change and stop judging everyone else?

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