The Economist sees challengers to Apple’s iTunes, iPod juggernaut



  1. “A giant comet will crash into the Earth. As a result, millions of iPods could be destroyed, creating a global disaster. …Oh, and some people could be killed, too.”

  2. It’s almost embarrassing that the best product is winning for a change. It’s like MS winning is the natural order of things, and we should brace for the inevitable …

  3. OK article but again they are trying to make it exciting by over emphasizing the challenge posed by other companies. Nothing is even coming close to “getting it” yet.

  4. I thought this was a very good article and Apple knows exactly where they stand. They have to work very hard to keep their lead. In business, there is nothing new about that. Sony, at this stage, is the one who should be worried. The Apple branded mp3 player is what people want. Sony name is just not ringing true with young consumers at the moment.

  5. The iPod and iTunes will have won as soon as Janus is broken and everyone who has joined a subscription service has stolen massive libraries of tunes during the 1 free month introductory offer. Subscription will be dead and purchase only will rule. No one will be able to touch iPod, iTunes and iTMS.

    To say that a piece of Microsoft software will not be broken quickly is the same as saying that the sun will not rise tomorrow.

  6. Mac jack has jit the nail right on the head. The Economist has published an article based on the assumption that whatever happened in the 80s and 90s with Apple’s computers will happen again with Apple’s iPod. It is like the media wants Microsoft to have its way with online music. Why? Apple did such a great job bringing the iPod and iTunes to Windows users. Would their music listening improve if Apple got out of the picture? Some tech writers need a reality check. The iPod is a smash hit, it is here to stay and there is nothing they can do about it.

  7. This is not such a bad article. It’s a little superficial, but it does NOT say Apple is doomed, just that Apple is going to have to “fight hard” to avoid losing its market dominance. Like nearly all of the “press” today, it artificially seeks to inflate drama, even at the risk of accuracy. But it doesn’t actually step over the line; this is AS GOOD AS IT GETS in today’s press.

  8. Next thing you know, my Doom III game is going to be a threat to iPods because my game is going to take people away from their music-listening time.

    Well, I’m going to add a new feature to Doom III in the first update. You’ll be able to use your iPod’s party mix as the background music to doom. Forget Nine Inch Nails. You can listen to Johnny Mathis, Burt Bachrach, The Beatles, Willy Nelson or even Elvis as you mop up the floor with our cool new monsters. Maybe even Montavoni!

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