Apple to change ‘Rendezvous’ name to ‘OpenTalk’ due to trademark dispute

“Apple Computer, Inc. and Tibco Software have settled a trademark dispute through a mutual out of court settlement, AppleInsider has learned,” Kasper Jade reports for AppleInsider. “Last year, Tibco of Palo Alto, Calif., alleged that Apple’s Rendezvous networking software, used in Apple products such as the Mac OS and iTunes Music Store, infringed on its Rendezvous name.”

“Sources close to the negotiations say that, as part of the deal, Apple has agreed to phase out its use of the ‘Rendezvous’ name,” Jade reports.

Full article with all of the details here.

In a related report, AppleInsider says, “According to sources, Apple Computer, Inc. filed for a trademark on the term ‘OpenTalk’ with the United States Patent and Trademark Office on July 8th, just 24 hours after the company reportedly settled a trademark dispute with Tibco Software over the use of the term ‘Rendezvous.'”

Full article here.


  1. Wait a minute, Tibco, who nobody has ever heard of, gets the name? They must have asked for waaaayyyy too much cash for the rights. Well, Apple will now come up with a new name that will become famous and Tibco will fade back into obscurity. Hope they enjoyed their fifteen seconds of fame.

  2. Open Talk??? Dunno bout that as a name. There must be somehthing catchier they can come up with…. Maybe a made up word like “Quinection” from quick connection or something like that.

  3. How ’bout “networking for butt-packers” since that’s what it is? You MAC fags love hugging trees and attending Kerry rallies, but nobody uses your toys. Forget about the throat sausage for a minute and get Windows XP on fast Intel hardware and see what the real world uses, you man-goo lovers!

  4. Now that we have all been cogently chastized by ron we can all go home and toss out our Apple hardware.

    Come on, ron, you didn’t even succeed in offending me in the least. You really need to find a forum in which your literary talents are appreciated.

  5. Haha! Good one Ron.


    Oh yeh, Windows XP is AWFUL! I’m typing this on my iBook cause my Intel piece of shit is being updated.

    God, I hate Micro$oft so much. Can’t wait till they are gone.

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