RUMOR: Apple eMac line nearly sold out with none in the pipeline

“Apple has also sold out of e-Macs. None are in the pipeline,” MacDailyNews learned today from a single source.

As this is a single source, with no independent confirmation, we have tagged this a “RUMOR” until it can be confirmed.

From the charts and materials provided to MacDailyNews by this single source, eMac demand has risen markedly in the last month, while eMac stock has been depleted to very low levels. According to our source, there are no new eMacs coming through the supply pipeline.



  1. There goes the recommendation that people get an emac. Some people can’t wait for a computer. When it’s a choice between the cheapest computer you can get from apple now (2000 sans monitor) and some 800 dollar PC, what do you think that somebody’s choice is going to be, considering they just want something new for college. Bear in mind that some people don’t want to get a laptop

  2. I think that if the next iMac does not utilise dual G4s the eMac will. Either that or the CRT screen will be replaced by a 15″ LCD. eMacs have been a success due to their low prices but the hardware must be upgraded to reflect the times.

  3. Apple Computer, Inc. – The first computer company to update it’s entire line to 64-bit computers; from eMacs to super computers; including iBooks (single 1.2Ghz G5) and Powerbooks (dual 2.0 Ghz G5). Steve Jobs, Apple CEO was quoted as saying, “32-bit computing is a thing of the past. Mac OS updates will continue to support 32-computers for at least the next 5 years.” Apparently, the future of computing can be found at your local Apple store today.

    In other news…

    A banging sound lasting 10 minutes was heard from the office of Bill Gates today. He emerged about 30 minutes later for a press conference, and appeared to have a large reddish bump on his forehead.

  4. Apple just has to do a better job of delivering product. These kinds of problems are just not acceptable in an industry where a missed shipment can mean the difference between hitting and missing the window of opportunity.

    I think Apple should stop announcing new products unless it is going to ship immediately. I waited for a Mini iPod and now waiting for the 20″ LCD. I should get a discount for patience.

  5. hope springs eternal…

    Mac fans are years ahead of the competition when it comes to seeing news, however bad, in a positive way. Ever iCloud has a silver lining!

    Johan Cruiff is famous in Holland for saying,”ieder nadeel heeft z’n voordeel!”
    (every disadvantage has it’s advantage).

  6. Could it be entirely possible that the eMac is in demand because its cheap? What a concept! People actually would buy a $800 computer over a $2000 computer? I bet Apple never considered this.

    My guess is the next eMac will be a honkin’ 19″ CRT version. This will go along with the 23″ newly designed iMac that will sell for $2499. Since Apple assumes EVERYBODY wants to spend at least $2000 on a PC. And everyone also wants an all-in-one system. That has to be why so many people buy TV’s with built-in DVD players and VCR’s. Oh wait. They don’t buy that many TV’s like that.

    Apple, come on, release a brick or a cube or something like it and offer a 17″ Cinema display like the 20″ and 23″. Sell the cube/brick for $799. Sell the 17″ display for $699. People will spend the $1500 combined. Not all of them mind you. Some will only want the cube/brick and use their existing monitors. Other people though may buy the 17″ for their PC’s or PowerMacs. Forget the all-in-ones.

    The specs of the brick/cube should be a low end G5 with standard 512MB of memory upgradeable to 2 GB’s. 80GB SATA drive with optional 120GB. Choice of video cards that can be replaced. Built-in 10/100 ethernet and 56K modem. Optional wireless. Combo drive with optional superdrive. Or maybe bite the bullet and make the superdrive standard if you’re going to promote iLife.

  7. I can tell you with first hand knowledge that the eMac is not being discontinued. The current low inventories are only because all eMacs being manufactured at the moment are being diverted to cover education institutional orders. By August this shouldn’t be a problem though any longer so it’s only going to be a temporary outage at retail stores. So there is no need to panic. It’s just like when the Power Mac G5s first came out and they were a few weeks late due to VA Tech’s huge order as well as some other institutional orders that had to be filled first…

  8. The only way Apple will lose sales from this pause in production is if the new computers do not have a “Wow!” effect. But, as we know, Apple has never produced something that didn’t stun the market when it was introduced, and I don’t expect it to happen now.

    …waitin’ for the “Wow!”

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