UK military: no ban on Apple iPods, reports to the contrary are rubbish

“The Ministry of Defence has denied reports that it has banned Apple’s iPod due to fears it could be used to steal sensitive files,” Alfred Hermida reports for BBC News. “News reports said the music player and other portable storage devices had been banned from most sections of its headquarters in the UK and abroad.”

“But a MOD spokesman told BBC News Online that was there no outright ban on the iPod. ‘Certainly it is not the case that the MOD has banned these,’ he said. We have a flexible management approach in regards to iPods and similar devices that can move data from official systems,” Hermida reports.

“Last week, analysts Gartner said businesses were increasingly putting themselves at risk by allowing the unauthorised and uncontrolled use of these gadgets… the MOD has insisted that iPods are welcomed,” Hermida reports. “‘We have a flexible management approach in regards to iPods and similar devices that can move data from official systems,’ said a MOD spokesman.”

Full article here.

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  1. Ok – so are they gonna ban Dell DJs/any other mp3 player, usb flash media key drives, pocket external usb/firewire drives, lap-tops, note books then as ALL these also are a security risk too!!


    An ipod is basically an external hard drive – so they are gonna have to ban ALL the above too – onparticular laptops as these are just external hard drives too!

  2. BBC Neutral towards news? Not much these days. As much of Europe, they generally look down at anything U.S. these days.. and the iPod is very much 21st Century America.

  3. There seems to be a real tendency around here to start shouting the odds without any need.

    The BBC heard a rumour, checked it, and have reported it as false. As opposed to simply printing it without checking.

    And the MoD have said they don’t have a problem at this time.

    So what’s the ****ing problem.

    Please read the story before commenting.

  4. Pkradd:

    So, Gartner – who were the original authors of this wholly spurious report – must be anti-American. Except they’re American.

    Which kind of proves my point about the chip on your shoulder.

  5. You guys should be happy that when “portable data storage” comes up people are starting to think “ipod”. When brand names describe a generic item, ala kleenex or crescent wrench, it is good news.

    As for the Brits, I hope that flexible management approach works.

  6. It’s true that the BBC is heavily biased against the US and especially American Conservatism but I doubt that this is the reason for the report. Gartner (who’s work has gone seriously downhill over the last few years) put out the original report (they are generally very anti-Apple) and the Lemmings of the world take their advice.

    In other words, this is more about stupidity than ideology.


  7. The CNN version of this story has this great quote (to which I alluded above):

    “With USB devices, if you plug it straight into the computer you can bypass passwords and get right on the system,” RAF Wing Commander Peter D’Ardenne told Reuters.

    “That’s why we had to plug that gap,” he said, adding that the policy was put into effect when the MoD switched to the USB-friendly Microsoft XP operating system over the past year.


  8. ipod is american.. as.. designer.. is from.. England… doh!

    stupid circumstance, but funny anyway.. freedom of expression is not JUST an american idea, though.. america has some opression in its history too, not just communist china and socialist europe…

    anyway.. just wanted to say..

    can the dell dj transport files like the ipod.. i’m pretty sure that the dell cannot do all the great things the ipod can do, re: slick external drive capabilities

  9. This really points out the media hype that can occur nowadays. Rumors can fly around the world at the speed of light now. It is wierd though that I never saw any of the news reports they are supposedly refuting. Did anyone else see any of these news reports?

    As long as there was something in print that this article is refuting it is fine. However, if this whole refutation of a rumor article was not in fact written to refute actual news reports then this is very poor reporting and the BBC should be called on it.

    And to say it is to refute a verbal rumor would be bull. With so many internet bulletin boards and news sites there would HAVE to be something at least in electronic print if this was an actual rumor. If the BBC tries to say this was a verbal rumor with nothing anywhere on the net to support their claim that there were reports to this effect then they will be pretty much admitting that they have stooped to the level of sensationalist rags just to produce news that will get them hits.

  10. Oops Beetlebrox! If this is the report that the BBC is refuting then perhaps CNN is the “rag”. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />

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