Apple cuts Airport Extreme base station and card prices

“Apple Computer on Monday quietly cut the price of its AirPort Extreme base station and card. The base station price drops from $249 to $199, while the cost of a card that goes inside a laptop or desktop went from $99 to $79,” Ina Fried reports for CNET News.

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  1. “Apple also appears to have gotten rid of the old 802.11b (Airport) access card.”

    With prices of ‘g’ nearly the same as ‘b’ why would anyone want the much slower standard. I’m going to get eveything fitted wtih ‘g’ just in time for ‘h’ or whatever letter will be next and faster.

  2. If my memory is correct, the b’s were the same price as the g’s. The g’s just would not work in older mac’s. I never did heard a good reason for that.

  3. Steve-

    A lot of people still have Macs that don’t take AP Extreme cards, just the older ones. I’d be annoyed if I didn’t already have one in my Quicksilver…

  4. I have a QuickSilver Powermac and those only take the original AirPort cards. Does anyone know if the original AirPort cards will do live streaming of music to the new Airport Extreme devices? If no, then could I use a PCI card to do the same thing?

    By the way, posting so that you can boast about being the first to post is a waste of space. It is a bit sad really. Maybe you should do something more constructive with your time.

  5. Aaaaand, since Airport Extreme is backward compatible with original Airport cards, continued availability of those cards would enable folks to add the one or two old Macs they have lying around to their AE networks.

  6. Nope, before yesterday, Airport original cards were $79, and Airport Extreme were $99. Now Airport cards are gone, and people with only slightly older machines are SOL.

  7. I think its great that people sit around refreshing their browser just so they can be first post. Not. Me I play games on my AlienWare PC (AMD Powered) & look at porn.
    Only a machead in macland would be so stupid as 1st post then saying it to the world. Its like saying look at how stoopid Iam.

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