Apple previews Mac OS X Server 10.4 ‘Tiger’

Apple today previewed Mac O X Server version 10.4


  1. Longhorn will have all these features soon. Apple is just shooting themselves in the foot by letting the world know about it’s new operating system.

  2. Seems like the predictions that Apple was slowing a bit in the New OS cycle were correct. I guess thats OK but I want the new iChat AV NOW! hehehehe

  3. Hey Sputznik: WHERE is Longhorn..?! Quote: “Longhorn WILL have all these features soon.” Does your foot hurt? Too bad you shot yourself. Idiot!

  4. Yet another certification. No sooner did I get 10.2 ACTC, I had to get 10.3. I’m happy that Apple is innovating and upgrading their OS, but keeping current on the certifications can be tough. Oh well. The features in Server sound worth it.

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