Apple’s 64-bit PowerBook G5 coming, but when?

“The 64-bit PowerPC G5 processor will undoubtedly be a fixture of Apple CEO Steve Jobs’ keynote next week’s Worldwide Developers Conference. After all, it’s the basis of the company’s workstation and server lines. But Mac professionals, and even Linux programmers, will be waiting for word of a mobile version,” Mark Hachman reports for eWeek.

“According to officials of IBM Corp., the technology for a notebook version of the PowerPC G5, a k a the PowerPC 970 series of processors, may be at hand,” Hachman reports. “IBM’s PowerPC 970 family of microprocessors has quietly become a rarity in the computing world: a one-size-fits-all architecture used for notebooks, desktops and even low-end servers. The chip is based on the company’s longstanding POWER architecture, a dual-core processor used in some of IBM’s server lines.”

“Now, IBM is being asked to migrate those chips into the crucial notebook market while simultaneously designing an architecture that can be competitive in low-end servers,” Hachman reports. “Norman Rohrer, chief designer of the PowerPC 970FX chip used in Apple’s Power Mac G5 desktops and Xserve servers, said the same chip that IBM uses for its desktop machines can also be used comfortably within future PowerBook notebooks through a power-management technique called ‘PowerTune.’ Rohrer would not comment on the time frame for a chip incorporating PowerTune. Industry insiders said a PPC 970FX-based notebook is not expected to ship before the end of the year.”

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  1. Jack A, this isn’t really news. Nothing specific is provided and there isn’t any general information that you didn’t already know. Still, the headline looked good and the future looks good for all types of Mac computers and devices. This is a great time to be a Mac user!

  2. I will not go to WWDC this year (Because GWB).
    It is interesting to see what Stevenote brings this xMas ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />
    64-bit thing is a big thing and Apple is the leader with that.

  3. are these g5 notebooks going to have a 3 pound waterblock attached? Amd and intel have notebooks in the 3.4ghz range, what ever that means. I suppose they have audible fans, but what hoop exactly does ibm have to jump through to get a 1.8 ghz g5 to work in a laptop?

    Guy from Finland, bush doesnt have to do another thing to get my vote. Just keeping you out of country is enough. Some Castro street regulars will no doubt miss you I bet.

  4. Apple is often 5 or more years ahead of the curve (PC’s that is ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” /> in their high-end gear, and probably 3 years ahead in the average Joe lower end.

    64 bit notebooks… hmmmm… it took the “average” PC’s 10 years to switch onto “windows”, 5 years to get wireless networking, 5 years to get USB organised. 4 years to integrate Firewire on the mobo…

    How much of a lead will Apple have in the 64 bit notebook arena?

  5. Actually, if they didn’t keep crippling their mid-range machines with previous generation video cards, one could say Apple’s gear is always way ahead of PC’s.

    (Sort of weird really… why put older graphics cards in (other than the top model) when everything else in the box is usually the latest and greatest? What are we saving here guys? $50?)

  6. for what it’s worth, don’t believe any more predictions of hardware. right now, the key for apple is damage control to reduce the loss sales from people waiting for 3GHz. they won’t do it again. from now on, it’s conservatism, make people buy now whenever the release, and release only when ready. if fact, the more pessemistic apple sounds, the more i am willing to believe that we’ll get it sooner rather than later. it’s marketing psychology, after all. so, i would say look for the G5 notebook much earlier than “expected.”

  7. Koko,

    Nice continuation of the attitude that has left us in a friggin’ mess with almost no world support or respect. I guess you’ve forgotten that the Preznit already went hat in hand to the world community to bail us out and got nada because of such arrogance. Keep it up! You’re Osama’s best friend.


    ” I will not go to WWDC this year (Because GWB).”

    The George Washington Bridge spans the Hudson River into New York City, NOT San Francisco, SILLY!

    The WWDC is in California.

    I hate it when tourists don’t bother to learn the facts of the country they are visiting.

    Don’t you think?
    Or don’t you?

    David Vesey

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