Griffin Tech releases iTrip Software version 2.0 for Apple iPod, iPod mini

Griffin Technology today released iTrip Software version 2.0 which offers a new software installer for its iTrip and iTrip mini FM transmitters for Apple’s iPod and iPod mini.

The software adds a visual quick start guide to help simplify installation, and makes 87.7 available as an available frequency for US iTrip owners. The software update is free and works with all iTrip and iTrip mini devices.

The iTrip software consists of short MP3 files that change the frequency of your iTrip. The installer places every possible frequency into your iPod, but you don’t have to keep them all there. Keep just the few channels that you use every day. Add more if you plan to travel. You can manage which channels you keep in your iPod – just like you manage songs – via iTunes or MusicMatch.

More info here.


  1. yes, but the Tunecast uses batteries. Sure, you can get the belkin power adapter that allows you to power the ipod and the tunecast, but thats like $25 more.

  2. Everyone in the real IT world knows that the AM dial is more than adequate for the average music listener’s needs, and that the iTrip and iPod are nothing more than overhyped electronic toys. In my Yugo, for example, I’m able to pick up several quality signals ranging from Classical to Mariachi, and I have an eight-track player in case the signal is occasionally interrupted (say, if I pass near a hill). I can also listen to baseball games. The iPod and iTrip do not allow a user that functionality.

  3. Actually, my iTrip runs so well that I will take my time before getting the bmw adapter. To save iPod battery, unplug the iTrip the moment you don’t need it.

  4. Good one Sput.

    Seriously though, the iTrip is next to impossible to use easily. Having the radio stations as a playlist seems like a good idea but ends up being very cumbersome.

    I ended up buying the factory auxilliary input adapter for my stereo in my truck, bought the Belkin DC adapter with the aux input and hardwired the whole thing using a spare iPod desk cradle. Now I just switch over to the aux CD input on my deck and plug the iPod in and never have to worry about tuning or the poor reception that I used to get with my iTrip.


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  6. korko–the Bronx? Aside from Riverdale there aren’t any fukkin americans left in the Bronx. Half of them are probably from whatever shit-ass bumfuk third word turdpot you’re writing from.

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