Virgin Digital online music service sets US, UK target launch dates

“Virgin Digital, Richard Branson’s move on the digital music market, will launch in the UK next September, a month after the service’s US debut, The Register has learned. According to industry sources familiar with Virgin’s plans, the company is assembling a range of offerings the music service will offer with a view to those launch windows. It is believed that Virgin Digital (VD) will offer both iTunes a la carte downloads and a Napster-style subscription package,” Tony Smith reports for The Register.

“The sources suggested that VD’s offer will go even further than downloads and subscriptions, but details for now remain scarce. At the service’s launch, Virgin described VD as a “full service entertainment destination for consumers who want to access their music anytime,anywhere”. Music-derived mobile phone ringtones, music hardware and possible full-length videos are possible additions to the core music offering,” Smith reports.

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  1. “Anybody gonna get VD? LOLOLOL!!! Please tell me that I’m not the only one who finds Virgin’s acronym hilarious!”

    I loved it when the Virgin Megastore by me used to sell Virgin Condoms.

    Too bad they closed…

  2. not me, nobody gets in Beth without a bloodtest!

    i like how mdn doesnt even bother to laugh at this one, its so clear already that itunes cant be beat ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

  3. “VD’s offer will go even further than downloads and subscriptions”

    Probably smart to offer both, not sure what else they could offer except being able to upload your old music and sell it for credit towards new music.

  4. They weren’t Virgin condoms they were(are) ‘Mates’?

    Branson is a clever and successful guy, don’t write him off too easily. He’s made plenty of mistakes but learned well. Virgin is a strong brand with a long history in music, I was going to my local Virgin Records 30 years ago. (I bought my first Apple product 13 years ago).

    I might suggest Virgin is the strongest threat to iTunes, certainly more so than Napster, Coke et al. The sale of OD2 may shake up some of it’s 30+ customers too. Something may be coming from another strong music brand, HMV, they sell iPods but don’t offer AAC downloads.

  5. Historic aside, Branson launched Virgin Records with Bob Marly & the Wailers as his first signed artist. He then followed up with Mike Oldfield’s Tubular Bells (also used as The Exorcist soundtrack.)

    Favorite RB Quote: “Becoming a millionaire is easy. Just start out a billionaire then buy an airline.”

  6. well.. i just can’t understand why he has to use WMA..

    oh.. because he has NO CHOICE.. and FairPlay isn’t for sale?!

    Oh okay, that clears things up..

    Let’s not be too hard on the guy for choosing WMA.. They could come out with a sweet red iPod.. but.. meh.. he wants to sell EVERYTHING digitally..

    QUESTION: WHY WOULD YOU WANT TO SELL MUSIC… Why not just hawk a cool red ipOd..

    Jobs is barely breaking even with the store, so Virgin should want to ride apple’s coattails…

    see what i mean?

    selling digital content isnt’ profitable. Apple’s doing it to plug the ipod and quicktime and aac yada yada.. .but it would be easy for virgin to cash in on that.. what? do they expect digital movies to be a big money maker!?

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