RUMOR: Apple to debut new, totally-redesigned iMac G5 on Monday

“Apple Computer, Inc. is preparing for the launch of a completely redesigned iMac personal computer, according to numerous reports and an analysis of recent inner-workings of the company. Earlier this month, Apple initiated an inventory flush of its current iMac offerings, explaining to resellers that they would receive no further shipments of the 17 and 20-inch iMac G4. Resellers were also told this week to expect a discontinuation of the 15-inch iMac G4 in the immediate future,” Kasper Jade reports for AppleInsider.

“The new iMac will reportedly sport single Power PC G5 processors at speeds below 2GHz and feature a completely redesigned enclosure. Details are sketchy, but one source, who has provided accurate information on previous projects, claims that the new iMac will sport a vertical ‘pizza box’ physique with the main logic board mounted vertically behind the computer’s LCD screen,” Jade reports. “Multiple reports indicate that Apple plans to introduce the new iMac G5 as early as Monday’s World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC), where CEO Steve Jobs may choose to showcase the computer.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: If so, bring it on and price it right, Apple. Mac Adders await (remember, not Switchers – let ’em switch on their own which they’ll do soon enough after they add that Mac to their computing arsenals).


  1. What if Apple built an iMac based on a iBook or Powerbook? Imagine folding thre screen all the way over so it is flat. It would not be an ibook, but rather a desktop with the screen fixed. Add a wireless mouse and keyboard and you are set. The form factor would be almost the same size as my 15″ flat screen.

    The powerbooks already have, FW 800, FW400, USB 2, Bluetooth, Audio in and out, AE, slot loading DVD, DVI, s-video out and ethernet (whew).

    It would make a great media PC in a small footprint. Smaller than alot of PC Laptops. Apple could claim a desktop that is smaller than most of their PC laptop counterparts.

    And it MUST be affordable, NOT $2000

    Just a thought.

    1st post?!

  2. I just bought my wife an old blue clamshell iBook on eBay. In many ways (aside from the small screen and lack of FireWire port) I like it better than my Powerbook G4. It’s the perfect knock about notebook.

    Okay Apple, it’s time to wow me.

  3. I don’t get the redesign?
    One sales point was the small footprint. Are they tossing that to the wind? Seems strange.

    Any body have an image(a guess) as to what is being described?

  4. Whatever it looks like, I’ll wait to pass judgement when I actually see one – not a photo but in person. And forget it being available for $599. It ain’t gonna happen. Accept it or move on.

  5. Sounds like those all in one Dells with everything behind the screen. Except, those are crap and this likely will be something people want. I hope. Still, if they don’t offer a headless option, it’ll be more expensive than it needs to be for people that would otherwise consider it because they already have a perfectly good monitor to which to hook it.

  6. The whole world is waiting for the next over-designed over-priced over-hyped product from Apple…

    If Apple is innovative we will see the PC box makers copying the new offering from Apple.

    If not… nothing will happen and the real IT world will march forward following the lead from our-great-provider and its soon to be released Longhorn OS that will set the stage for the new millennium and beyond…

  7. Everyone should really get over the idea of a headless iMac. Not gonna happen and it really doesn’t make a lot sense for Apple to do so. The iMac is a nod to the original Mac from a design perspective and part of the design has always been an integrated monitor. The philosphy has always been that you pull it out of the box, plug it in, and it works. You can’t do that without an integrated monitor. If you wan’t to have a choice of monitor, buy a PowerMac.

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