CNET: Apple’s Euro iTunes Music Store ‘off to strong start’

“Apple Computer said Wednesday that its iTunes digital music store had sold more than 800,000 songs during its first week of operation in European markets. The news marked a strong start for the service in a region that is already substantially more competitive than the United States market was when iTunes initially launched, in the U.S., in early 2003. The store opened its digital doors in the United Kingdom, Germany and France last Wednesday,” John Borland reports for CNET News.

“More than half of Apple’s sales came in the British market alone, allowing it to pass rivals that had been in the market for substantially longer. According to the British Phonographic Institute, rivals in that market sold 500,000 songs in the first five months of 2004,” Borland reports. “‘iTunes is Europe’s top online music store,’ Apple Chief Executive Officer Steve Jobs, said in a statement. ‘In the U.K. alone, iTunes sold more than 450,000 songs in the last week–16 times as many as OD2 (On-Demand Distribution), its closest competitor.'”

Borland reports, “The quick surge in Apple sales appeared to foretell an early European market progress mimicking iTunes’ ascent in the United States. Although overall digital music sales remain a tiny fraction of CD sales, and profit margins remain low, Apple has taken a commanding early lead in the market and is showing no sign of relinquishing its hold.”

Full article here.

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  1. You fools. Don’t you realize you are being locked into Apple’s format? The only player that you can use is the iPod!!!! Plus, the iPod costs money – $250 to $500.

    If you join Napster for a year we’ll GIVE you a FREE Rio player with a huge 128mb of memory. Yes, 128mb player for FREE.

    PS – Bill Gates, please arrange another 20-30 mil in loans for me so I can keep my company afloat and support consumer choice.

  2. “off to a strong start”

    That is a negative report. I can assure you if one of the lap-dog bed-wetting MS clones had opened a on-line music operation with these numbers you would have thought that it was the second coming…

  3. Steve Jobs:
    Ignore Chris Gorog. But, I am concerned that Apple will suffer a backlash once customer’s realize they are not given a choice of formats for the iPod. I think it is your interests to open the iPod to play Real’s format.

    Sure, that might save my company from bankruptcy but I really have your best interests at heart. If you don’t I’m going to talk bad about you!

    Your friend,

  4. Apple is just fooling itself. Everyone in the real IT world knows that downloading music in a digital format will never take off. The best way to listen to music is off of vinyl disks, tape-reel cassettes, or best of all… eight-track tapes.

  5. I already own 2 portable devices that holds about 20+ songs, its called my portable CD and tape players, and at least with those I can change what im listening to while on the road.

    I dont want a device that just straight replaces an older technology, but surpasses it, which can only be an iPod

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