San Antonio school board votes to keep students’ 1,207 Apple iBooks

“The school board here voted Tuesday to keep a pioneering high school program that equips every student and teacher with a wireless laptop computer. But Superintendent Alton Fields said there was ‘a good chance’ the issue would come up again when the board meets in July,” Diana Reinhart reports for The San Antonio Express-News. “A crowd of about 150 people broke into applause when the vote came down, ending speculation that the new school board, elected in May, would kill the project.”

“‘I’m glad it passed because I think the kids need the technology,’ said Rita Baca, Pleasanton High School’s librarian. ‘It’s the future.’ The $2.2 million project with Apple includes 1,207 wireless iBook laptops, training for staff, and additional equipment such as video and still cameras, projectors and color printers. When the laptops were distributed to Pleasanton High School’s teachers and 950 students last school year, the school moved to the forefront of technology in education. No other public school in the San Antonio area has given wireless laptops to all its pupils.”

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MacDailyNews Take: On June 8th, we wrote: “Something unpleasant going down in Pleasanton? We’ll keep an eye on this one. It’ll be interesting to see if the board is anti-computer or anti-Apple; we’ll know for sure if they sign a contract in the future with, say, Dell.”

It’s nice to see that nothing unpleasant went down in Pleasanton this time. Good for Pleasanton students and teachers. And have a pleasant day! (Sorry in advance for the excruciating wordplay).

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  1. I grew up in Pleasanton. While I am very pleased with this news, I was actually surprised with this ruling, and think it has more to do with pragmatics than anything else.

    We locals need to keep the pressure on and make news of the successes of the program, otherwise I fear Mr. Dell will prevail.

  2. Can you imagine 1,200 kids using Dells running Windows? With the amount of spyware and worms that are out there….they would last a few weeks until you had to wipe it clean and start over. I bet they have at least 90% less problems using the mac OS in that environment.
    Don’t IT people see this?

  3. yea freebee, and even IT people must tire of constant patches and upgrades (sure they enjoy user depenency but that is not what they want to be doing). Having their reputations besmirched as a result of MS is certainly causing some changes as well. They have GOT TO see it. How can it be more obvious today?

  4. 1st No Viruses. 2nd the included software for the Mac blows away anything even available for separate sale in the windows world. I am talking about the iLife suite which really is sweet ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />

    The only thing that Apple should start doing now is including Keynote in these educational computers so that millions of students enter the business world knowing the advantages of keynote for business presentations. They will also then know they can save as a powerpoint presentation if need be for the PC drones. This would go a long way to countering the argument of some parents that they want their kids on a computer for the “real” world.

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