Report: 50 percent of PC buyers who considered Macintosh in last year bought Macs’

“A recently published survey reported that as many as 50 percent of PC buyers who considered a Mac over the last 12 months actually ended up purchasing one,” Blane Warrene reports for MacNewsWorld.

“According to TechnoMetrica, a market research firm that advises IBM, Volvo and MasterCard, among others, Apple has the potential to increase its market share from its current 3 percent. However, Apple has to figure out a way to exploit its solid brand recognition among consumers so that consumers view Apple as a viable PC option, explained TechnoMetrica technology analyst Constantine Kambanis. ‘Apple’s name is quite strong, and many people think of Apple when they think of computers, but it seems likely that a significant segment of those who consider buying an Apple are unaware of what an Apple actually is. Once they find out, many of them end up buying a Dell,’ Kambanis told MacNewsWorld,” Warrene reports.

“Although 50 percent of potential Apple customers ended up purchasing an Apple, 22 percent purchased a Dell instead, the study showed. The study also noted that, although Apple sold 900,000 computers over the length of the study, it could have potentially sold 800,000 more during that time period,” Warrene reports.

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  1. you’d think maybe they might learn from the ipod marketing and show people actually using the product… a g5 blowing a hole in your house? puh-leeze…!

  2. Apple has been known to drop the ball in marketing. with that said, i find that report quite positive that so many people (50%) considering all platforms went with Mac OS – compared to 22% for Dell.

    dell may be starting to lose some of its momentum. now if Apple could only wake up.

    in time – apple’s market share will increase. it will never be huge (due to corporate sales), and i like it that way, but the obviously the buying public is becoming more scrutinous.

  3. It seems Apple is in the precarious situation of needing Microsoft to provide the Office Suite and at the same time being a competitor of Windows. I wonder if the Apple Board of Dirs. are satisfied with Apple’s profitable situation and are afraid that Microsoft would pull Office if Apple’s marketshare were to increase dramatically. And it is this reason that the computers are so poorly marketed.
    Just curious?

  4. One of the “reasons” or “faults” the switcher campain failed in my opinion has to do with Apple’s inability to build/design Mac’s FOR the PC people.

    One of the absolute solid excuses for not buying a Mac, from the PC users standpoint, is games. Apple needs to shell out their OWN money and build games that run on the Mac….and support the devices that gamers use.

    I was in the Saint Louis Apple Store and asked employees (one being the flippin’ manager) on how to get a joystick working on OS X. Two of them said use OS 9 (what kind of answer is that? I haven’t had OS 9 on my Mac in over TWO YEARS) and that none that they know of work in OS X. The other one just shrugged his head with a dumfounded look.

    I went home and opened my closet in my computer room, I have three PC joysticks made by Microsoft and EACH came with excellent games.

  5. How many people took a new iMac or iBook home to ridicule from their ignorant Wintel-brainwashed family and friends, only to return the Mac later due to peer pressure?

    It’s like dating someone with herpes or a smoker – life seems easier if you get infected too.

  6. Part of the problem is that people still fall back on that old useless slogan;

    “IBM compatible”, which is pretty much irrelevant thanks to cross-platform standards and Linux (basically meaning that the PC is not just Windows territory anymore).

  7. As a photographer I have been rabidly pro-Mac for years, have owned several and am proud of the advances made by Apple. Bought the first version of the iPod. Love Macs and plan to get a G5 asap.

    That said, I just bought a Dell laptop on eBay. For business I can’t handle some (a few) things with the G4 and Panther at this point (try to take real estate courses online with a Mac. They’re all Windows only). I’m not a gamer, it’s just biz. Annoying! Now I’m having to read Windows 2000 for Dummies. Barf!

  8. 99.9% of the people who considered buying a Ferrari bought a __________ [insert popular, affordable brand here].

    And what’s that they say that a man considers having sex once every two seconds?

    99.999999% of the men who considered sex actually ___________ [insert favorite sexual activity here].

  9. We have to keep a PC around because there aren’t any decent accounting/personal finance software apps for OS X (and yes, we tried Quicken and it’s horrible on both platforms, especially on the Mac, thanks for nothing Intuit!). If we could only convince M$ to release Money for OS X we would be Windows free here.

    When we first switched 2 years ago from an all PC environment there was a fear that there would be a lack of software and/or performance issues with certain programs, but with only that one exception I mentioned earlier, it’s been a breeze. Most people out there don’t realize it’s so easy with all of the bad propaganda and FUD flying around, so they never even give it a try to begin with. In my opinion that is their loss.

  10. Yes, 50 percent of the 3 percent who even thought about the mac…
    So really about 1.5 Percent
    More Marketing FUD…

    woof-x, You need windows for dummies?
    You stupid?

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