S-Media debuts ‘CoCoPod’ 20GB ‘Apple iPod killer’

“Following the success of Apple


  1. When will they learn?? It sounds like something you would get inside a kid’s cereal! And worth consideration . . . at the same price as the iPod! . . . Well, maybe not.

  2. Another iPod wannabe. I wonder if Apple will ever add more features like FM receiver and a built in mic? Being a gadget freak myself I would dig it myself. However, Apple is doing very very well with the elegant simple approach.

  3. You put all of your favorite tunes, the ones you liked so much that you actually paid for an overpriced CD to get them, on an MP3 player. You paid $250, $350 or $450 for the player and thousands for the tunes, unless you got them illegally and then you go out, plug in the ear buds and use the FM tuner?

    You can get a FM tuner with ear buds and a 20 hr replaceable for $10 to $20. Save your money you idiots!

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