Former Microsoft Technology Manager: Mac OS X ‘a breath of badly needed fresh air’ after years of Wi

“Why are Microsoft products so endlessly frustrating to use? Even techno-geeks like me get annoyed by Windows. I


  1. I read this article from Macnn eariler and I was shocked, to get such a honest article. I haven’t heard such an unbiased article in a while. It states everything that is wrong with Windows and how they can fix it too. I hope his predictions of Linux and OS X stealing some market share from windows comes true. definately a great read indeed!!

  2. “Microsoft ought to matter to us. There ought to be more of an intellectual and emotional connection. There just isn�t.�

    I liked the above. It happens with Apple, and I witnessed that yesterday when a colleague I switched to it some 10 days ago came in in excitement: “Thanks, thanks, thanks. I could have never imagined. I mean… thanks”

    I guess there is another one now with intellectual and emotional connection with Apple.

  3. Well Apple needs to fix Mac OS X, it’s got more holes than a piece of swiss cheese right now.

    Sure it’s a million times better than a open Window, but 100% security is the goal here, and Mac users are not very happy their computers are insecure and have been vunerable ever since Mac OS X has been out.

    Keystroke loggers, web site monitors, credit card recorders all may have been installed on your computer.

    Slashdot article

    1: Disable “Open safe files upon downloading” in Safari run Software Update.

    2: Install RCDefaultApp and disable all URL protocol handlers (except http, https and mail) unless you are going to need them.

    3: Install Little Snitch, there is exploits that get by this and download stuff to your computer. Little Snitch will warn you a outgoing net connection is being attempted.

    4: Install Paranoid Android may also help, but it’s a “haxie” inserting code in all your applications. But it’s supposed to stop new URL Handler schemes and warn you of their execution by a website. Uninstall upon any other installs, software updates.

    5:Bitch to Apple to fix the problem and not to charge a red cent for “Tiger”

    6: Reset everything back to normal before updating. In fact a complete zero wipe and fresh install is the only way to be sure your secure. (a “exploit” or hack can still read Unix files even after you reformat or trash, writting zeros to disk will protect you)

    7: Bitch to Apple again

    Not attempting to scare, just to warn people to take protective action. As just by visiting a website a dangerous exploit can occur.

    Thank you very FUCKING MUCH APPLE, I feel so secure now.


  4. Well there you have it — nobody’s perfect. Pay Reifman a 100G’s and put his face on a TV ad; that should satisfy MDN posters who keep carping about the lack of ads. Oh I forgot; Apple will never attack Windoze directly. Probably a wise thing too.

    “Still Pissed,” how much money would you take from the devil if he offered to put your face on a TV ad for M$?

    As for Tiger, I’ve saved a small fortune by being a holdout — and that will enable me to buy top of the line again; but it looks like they might get me with Tiger in October if I buy a Mac or two in June / July. Thank you everyone for paying for the development of OS X so far. Now let’s get some switchers to pay for it by increased market share.

    SWITCH NOW you fudpuckers!

  5. If you are poor then you buy a Mac Os X Maintenance Agreement.
    That gives you OS updates for 36 months and it costs something like $207. (Ok you have to have at least 10 machines. If you have less then you buy family pack.)
    If you do that then you are rich.
    Apple Software is extreamly well priced for the competition.
    Apple Hardware is also extreamly well priced.

    I really dislike people that complain about that that they have to pay money to get more.

  6. I would vaticate that vsers of venific Vindoze will have enough of vagulating in the vilderness, and vill one day have a ventripotent experience with the Mac OS. They will not be verklempt, but will vant to vapulate and vivisepulture Gates.

    Look that up in your Funk & Wagnalls.

    I’m feeling ventose.

  7. Why would microsoft improve its system if so many peple buy it. They just make it look “pretier” trying to compete wih apple and then people just buy it. That’s how microsoft get there money. People dont think “aw wait aint’t windows xp is same as me or 2000
    ” well it runs all the same programs, it crashes, its baddly written and its got billions of viruses, so i cant see any difference can you?
    It’s also a bit worrying when a pc magazines addmits that mac os x is far superior then windows.

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