Apple to open retail store in Syracuse’s Carousel Center

“At Carousel Center, what goes around, comes around. What apparently is coming around again is talk of an Apple Computer store cropping up in a prime location in the mall… Apple and Carousel aren’t confirming it, but apparently talks are serious again and might mean an Apple-owned store at the mall is imminent,” Bob Niedt reports for The Post-Standard. “The prime location? Near the mall’s food court.”

“Talk about Apple has heated up in retail and other circles recently. It even heated up in this space, as I recently told you of Apple’s on-again, off-again talks with Carousel owner The Pyramid Cos. to bring a store to Syracuse. Pyramid has Apple stores at its malls in Albany, Buffalo and West Nyack,” Niedt reports. “I had two contacts on Thursday who had inside information that said a store might be coming to Carousel. Apple itself, in a way, is talking about it… there are job listings for an Apple store at Carousel Center in Syracuse. They’re listed deep in the site, near the store listings.”

Full article here.

See Apple Retail Store job listings here.


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  2. You have got to be shitting me Stewey….

    What, do you hang around this site clicking refresh until a new article is posted….waiting, like Pavlov’s dogs….so you can claim first post???!!! As Beck wrote…..LOSER.

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  4. 7th post! I am more bad ass than you, Stuwey!

    Apple stores are nice, but I’d still like to see more of a presence in general chains, like Circuit City and Best Buy. Nothing big, but something where the general masses can play with OS X and see right there why it’s the better OS. Nobody goes out of their way to go to the Apple store except for the people at the mall who have time to dink around, or Mac Zealots like us.

  5. Heimlick, Apple has had their Macs in such stores in various agreements over the last few years, it didn’t work. Apple stores are in high traffic locations to attract passing trade (so people don’t have to go out of their ways to find them), and to reaffirm Apple hasn’t died or been taken over by Microsoft.

  6. It didn’t work then, but why not revisit it now? The best way to switch people to OS X is for them to try it out. Most of the time when I talk with people at an Apple store, they’re already Apple users. I’m not saying I don’t appreciate the Apple store… it’s just that it doesn’t bring in the non-Apple user and I’d like to see additional presence elsewhere, and places like Best Buy get a lot more of the casual user market that Apple is perfect for.

    We constantly complain on this site that Apple doesn’t market itself outside of its own niche. How else do we get the word out then that OS X is superior if TV isn’t the best venue, and Apple has no presence in general electronics and computer stores?

  7. For all you people who don’t know

    The Carousel Center is the second largest mall in the United States( they are trying to expand but that’s another story)
    The mall contians a CompUSA, and a Best Buy’s. An Apple Store would fit in well with the rest of that place. Come Christmas time you can’t get within 1 mile of the place with out dealing with the ton’s of traffic it generates.

    I personally don’t like the place as I don’t like the crowds, but it is impressive. Three shoppig floors, underground and above ground parking lots(yes that is correct, an Underground system under the mall, and an above ground platform. a Whole Floor for movie theaters(20ish), and three floors above for offices, and a Sky Deck for receptions.

  8. This is all great but we need more Apple Stores internationally. We have one in Tokyo and are getting one in Osaka this year but I would like to see London, Berlin, Rome, and Paris within a year. (Feel free to add to the list my European Geography is not that strong. Hopefully we can get one within 2-3 hours of everybody)

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