Mac users and Muslims: both misunderstood by the vast majority

“The choice to use a Mac or to be Muslim in today’s world is not easily understood. In a world where the vast majority of computers are PC, where Islam is perceived as the enemy, why would someone choose to be a Mac user or a Muslim? Bias against both is rampant. Those who we rely on to educate us — the media — are themselves neither Muslim nor Mac users. Outright untruths are widely subscribed to. Muslims and Mac users are described as cult members, when, clearly, we are not. Both Islam and Macintosh are legitimate movements, with no spooky stuff in either of them. Obviously, the more than a billion people who follow Islam and the more than twenty-five million who use Macs cannot all be crazy,” Asma Gull Hasan writes for The San Francisco Chronicle.

Asma Gull Hasan writes, “At restaurants, when I place my order, I have to provide a blanket disclaimer: ‘Could you make sure my meal doesn’t have any pork products like bacon, sausage, bacon bits, lard, pepperoni, pancetta, or pork?’ ‘Oh, OK,’ the waiter will say. Is he annoyed, I ask myself? Are they wondering if I am Muslim? Should I say I’m allergic to calm him? I go through the same dilemma when looking at computer products. Should I tell the salesperson I need a Mac-compatible mouse? Will he laugh at me?”

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  1. ” Muslims and Mac users are described as cult members, when, clearly, we are not.”

    Yes, you are. One dictionary definition of Cult: . A system of religious belief and worship. Perhaps they should start teaching Latin again…

  2. Interesting perspective…. however, Mac users did not murder 3,000 men, women and children on one day – and consider it a God-given duty to do so… with 77 virgins waiting at the end of the slaughter.

    So… here we are, two and a half years later… and I’m still waiting for one Muslim cleric to clearly, without equivication, declare that the September 11th actions were against Islam, and that the perpetrators are NOT martyrs… that they are burning in hell.

    So… how about it, Muslims…. ? How about just ONE person declaring that the September 11th hijackers are NOT martyrs and that what they did was against Islam?


    Still waiting….


  3. Someone is writing an article about Macs being misunderstood in the media, and he’s talking about asking for a Mac-compatible mouse? I think he doesn’t quite understand them himself.

  4. Muslims? Mac owners?
    Where are the BMW owners? (Or Porsche Made in Finland?)
    Another anal..lyst who does not know what is happening.
    I know that with the Mac I can get (A) 380 virgins (every day) and re-incarnation to the top level (excellent karma).
    If you do not believe check this out:

    Microsoft is like George Bush. Paskaa I say.

  5. glick . . .

    would timothy mcveigh have to apologize for being raised christian? would any murderer have to apologize, or have someone from their faith, apologize for them?

    i do not believe the cowards who attacked the US were religious in any way. i’m catholic, but from what i know, islam does not preach such violent acts.

    in every religion, there will be fanatics who will misuse holy texts . . . ie, the KKK . . . don’t they feel like God is on their side? did anyone ever ask the german christian community to apologize for the millions killed in the holocaust?

    to call on muslims to apologize is misguided.

    i would like to think that as mac users, we are more intelligent than the masses, that we can see past superfical things . . .

    i firmly believe that those fuckers who attacked us are burning in hell. as well they should be. but i’m not about to condemn a whole religion because of them.

  6. I am truly embarrassed to be of the same species as Glick7. But, because he can’t do a simple internet search here’s a start…

    * Organization of the Islamic Conference, Doha, Qatar. October 10th, 2001: (representing 56 Muslim nations) “These terrorist acts contradict the teaching of all religions and human and moral values.”

    *”Terrorists are mass murderers, not martyrs”, states Shaykh Hamza Yusuf.

    *”Bin Laden’s Violence is a heresy against Islam”, states Abdul Hakim Murad

    *Muslim scholar Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi denounced the attacks against civilians in the U.S.

    *Sheikh Mohammed Sayyed al-Tantawi of Al-Azhar, the highest institution in Sunni Islam, warned that those who attack innocent people will be punished by Allah, in his weekly sermon to thousands of worshippers in Cairo. “Attacking innocent people is not courageous, it is stupid and will be punished on the Day of Judgment,” the moderate Sheikh Tantawi said at Al-Azhar mosque. “It’s not courageous to attack innocent children, women and civilians. It is courageous to protect freedom, it is courageous to defend oneself and not to attack,” he said.

    * “Hijacking Planes, terrorizing innocent people and shedding blood constitute a form of injustice that can not be tolerated by Islam, which views them as gross crimes and sinful acts.” Shaykh Abdul Aziz al-Ashaikh (Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia and Chairman of the Senior Ulama, on September 15th, 2001)

    *”It is wrong to kill innocent people. It is also wrong to Praise those who kill innocent people.” Mufti Nizamuddin Shamzai, Pakistan. Cited in NY Times, Sept. 28, 2001.

    *”What these people stand for is completely against all the principles that Arab Muslims believe in.” King Abdullah II, of Jordan; cited in Middle East Times, Sept. 28, 2001.

    These, along with MANY MANY MORE, can be found at along with their links and full text. This was just the FIRST of hundreds of hits from the search engine.

    Glick7, GET A LIFE!! The psychos through the ages, much like yourself, have perverted the texts of all religions to meet and support their own twisted goals. As my friend was being beaten, the batterer was screaming “God wants all fags dead!” I am quite sure there is more crime done in this country by Christians than by any other group.

  7. ditto, except for the “I am quite sure there is more crime done in this country by Christians than by any other group.” so-called christians would be bette,r i think.

  8. Well said Bleekr,

    The same misunderstanding of western civilization and christianity exists in the minds of those in the Muslin world as well.

    Exposure to other people and their ideas, habits, religions and beliefs all goes towards dispelling religious and political bias.

    What we are fighting is ignorance and brainwashing.

    For example:

    1: The hardcore Israeli’s “Zionists” as they are called, actually believe the land where Israel used to be 2000 years ago is still their land and entitled to them by God. So since they believe they have his blessing, they go ahead and kill, steal land etc., which is a violation of their own 10 commandments of Noah which they believe doesn’t apply to non-jews.

    2: The Muslims who lived there for the last 2000 years with Christians and Jews in peace are denied their land and holy sites in which they believe. So their children are raised to believe killing Israeli’s is good and they will go to heaven in a blast of a suicide bomb.

    3: Then the Christians are raised to believe that anyone who objects to the actions of Israel is a enemy of God. Because according to the bible they are “God’s chosen people”. Well anyone can call themselves that!

    Everyone is getting snowballed. Jews, Christians and Muslins alike. By their beliefs in religion. When they should just tell their religious leaders to fuck off and begin to live in peace with one another.

    Religion is nothing more than a cult with more members.

  9. nononono guys, the true intention of this article is to redirect the misguided angry american views of muslims to mac users … “don’t blame islam, blame macdom”…. of course, we’re going to have to find a word like thr equivalent of “jihad” that they can misinterpret as something entirely different than its true meaning..

  10. When they should just tell their religious leaders to fuck off and begin to live in peace with one another

    that’s a little hard to do since the first 18-21 years of a persons life they are dependent for substance and security from their parents. they have to go along with them or risk going without.

    the parents are subjected by the norms of the community they live in, if they isolate themselves they get cut-off by their own kind.

    man is a herd animal, he works in groups and lives by them. he gives up rights to his independence and free thinking for the security of the group mentality and it’s rewards structure.

    people who see this are either very smart or something about them excludes them from being in a group, they walk alone, make their own decisions and are financially well off to be able to think anyway they want.

    consider yourself one of the lucky few

  11. good story

    When someone else in the perpetual discussion group called Americans racist and anti-Muslim, Hassanain objected. “American people are very easy to make friends with. They will accept you no matter where you come from,” he said. “Only the government policies are terrible.”

  12. Glick7,

    As others have pointed out, you’re so full of shit the whites of your eyes are brown. If you had done a simple search, as Aryugaetu did, you would have discovered for yourself that the vast majority of Muslims were horrified and disgusted by the September 11th cataclysm, and distance themselves from the criminals who purport to act for Islam. Is it fair to judge Christianity by the actions of Jim Jones at Jonestown, or David Koresh at Waco? If your answer is no, then you need to get your head out of your ass and SHUT THE FUCK UP, you narrow-minded, knuckle-dragging flatworm, because that’s exactly what you’re doing, prejudging a group about which you know nada. You wear your ignorance like armor and have the nerve to display it in all its sordid glory. Stick to talking about what you know, not what you think you know, which appears to be not much.

  13. Zoon politikon is an old and obsolete theory! .. and by the way, don’t mix up your social theories.. The “social contract” is a completely different thought than zoon politikon, as the social contract, by the views of any of the great social philosophers who discussed it, is formed out of pure reason and logic (man gives up his individual rights to form a society in the intention of a greater good) which are completely absent in animal behavior. Man is either a herd animal or forms a social contract, he can not do both. If your analysis is correct, “Dr. Shrink,” mankind would be nothing more than a herd of animals that thought they had more of a society than they really do…

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