Apple adds Windows XP support to .Mac’s Homepage feature

According to Apple, their .Mac HomePage feature now lets you be even more creative with new features that include brand-new templates and new ways to share files and publish external HTML pages. Interestingly, Apple has added support for creating and editing pages on Windows XP:

Now you can access HomePage from PCs running Internet Explorer 6 on Windows XP. Create and edit pages just the way you do on your Mac.

MacDailyNews Take: Was that a collective shiver that just went down our spines?


  1. Mark my words, Apple’s dropping the Mac as soon as it’s economically feasible – as soon as they replace the revenue with consumer electronics and devices. It’s sad. It’s over, folks.

  2. Yeh, as soon as they replace the revenue, they will drop the Mac. Or instead, they can have 2X the revenue and keep the Mac. As a shareholder, which would you prefer.

  3. With iTunes for windows, Apple wants to ease PC users into the mac-style. If you have everything on .mac, it’ll make it much easier to switch, and Apple didn’t have to do much to make it compatible with windows browsers. It’s not like it wasn’t included with a bunch of other redesign elements.

  4. Sweet support for XP and IE 6 …

    Yet we the faithful are still waiting for a patch the the gaping security hole in the OS !

    you bet a shiver just went down my spine…

  5. Usually I would not respond however, this is a serious issue.

    You the user may be surfing the internet, just clicking around reading news stories following links in forms and by just clicking on a simple link; not a p2p or porn link and your entire home directory could be deleted just by visiting a standard html based web page.

    If you feel that you are able to determine if a link is safe just by looking at it…
    well that is just not a logical thought process.

    Do you ever do a google search?
    Do you use the internet?

    Mac users wake up!
    more important
    Apple Computer WAKE UP!

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