‘The iPod Battery’ external power pack runs iPod and iPod mini for 40 continuous hours

The iPod Battery is a rechargeable lithium ion battery pack that can be charged for over 400 times and at 40 hours per charge, that’s 16,000 hours of run time from The iPod Battery (battery charger included).

Designed for all 3rd generation iPodTM and iPodTM Mini users. The iPod Battery comes with interchangeable cradles for the 3rd generation iPod and iPod mini and will provide up to 40 hours of music play-time or download time, regardless of the age or status of the original (internal) battery. The battery does NOT charge the internal iPod battery. The power will by-pass the internal battery and goes straight to the unit. This is the perfect solution for travel, long commutes, or if it’s going to be a long time between charging access. The iPod Battery can also enable the iPodTM to a speaker system. Fewer wires will be needed while battery is charged. The iPod Battery retails for US$99.99.

– Compatible with 3rd generation iPod & iPod mini
– Up to 40 hours of run-time per charge (battery charger included)
– On/Off switch to conserve power
– Belt clip attachment (can attach iPod to airplane magazine holder on seat)
– One Year Warranty

More info and images here.


  1. It’s a nice idea, but it doesn’t look to be that well executed. I’d prefer to see that dock connector built in solidly without a cable.

    It’s BIG, but 40 hours is a long time. It’s UGLY, but it could so easily have been even more ugly. Maybe the Belkin solution is a little better/prettier – you can always take a stash of rechargeable AAs along with that.

    I still think maybe Apple could exploit its market a little m ore by having a swappable battery and selling spare batteries, but we’ve done that discussion already before. They’ve probably looked into it and decided it compromised the design too much for a small part of the market.

  2. How much does this behemoth weigh?

    Would anyone out there with real experience with recharging the iPod with solar cells kindly clue me in? Thank you.

  3. Hmm… 400 recharges? at the most you wont need to charge it more than 3 times a week. 400/3=133 weeks= about 2 1/2 years, but thats if you listen to it none stop day and night. Someone told me it was stupid because You could only charge it 400 times.

  4. “The iPod Battery is a rechargeable lithium ion battery pack that can be charged for over 400 times and at 40 hours per charge”

    Pay close attention to the part that says “can be charged for over 400 times”. Working in the rechargeable battery industry, I can tell you should not expect to get 400 charges at 40 hrs. each. Why do you think there’s only a one year warranty?

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