RUMOR: 4G iPod to include video capabilities, ‘Home on iPod’

“Although Apple’s 4th generation iPod exists as nothing more than rumor, sources say the new media player is due sometime this year with added video capabilities. While vouching for the majority of the details published in a previous report, one source cites a potential misunderstanding of the new iPod’s video feature,’ Kasper Jade reports for AppleInsider.

“According to the source, who has reportedly toyed with a 4th generation prototype, the player may not sport a video output jack per say, but rather a greatly advanced dock connector. The feature is said to greatly utilize a much improved “Home on iPod” Mac OS X software technology, which is still under development by the iPod maker,’ Jade reports.

“‘It works a bit like the … voice recording feature,’ the source said. ‘When a user connects one end of the video-cable into the iPod’s new dock connector and the other end into the TV, it will switch the iPod into video mode,'” Jade reports. “…Originally planned for inclusion in Mac OS X 10.3 Panther, but axed at the last minute, the Home on iPod feature allows users to store their home directory – files, folders and apps – on an iPod (or any FireWire hard drive) and take it with them wherever they go.”

Full article and more detailed information here.


  1. Second Post!!

    I agree wholeheatedly with what the first poster said. I couldn’t have put it better myself (unless I was indeed the first poster).

    I can’t wait to do keynote quicktime presentations from my ipod!

  2. My posting position does not matter. Then again, neither do my comments…

    I’ll be interested to see just how this works. I plug my iPod in and sync as a disk rather than as music? Then I can take my folders with me and plug into another Mac and have all of my stuff available? Password protected & such?


  3. Is there anyone over the age of 12 on here? Or is it just that the first one’s to post are that immature. It really makes reading the comments a pain to have to go through unrelated garbage (such as this post).

  4. My quickie… mostly questions:

    What if the 5G iPod looked like those tiny lcd screens you see on digicams like the Oly 5050 or Canon G5?

    What if this LCD/Storage/Interface sported all iPod features and maybe an embedded MacOS?

    It’d be:
    2.5-3″ x 2″ w/full color LCD
    4 Gigs+ Storage for music, digital stills, and video
    MacOS w/apps like a scheduler, notes, games
    Dockable w/swivel in Cameras, computers, TVs, yet completely self-operating (take along by itself as a portable music, still/video library


    Maybe such a device (iPod or otherwise) could be the unifying piece/concept of all things digital (work, play; audio, video, stills; general entertainment).

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