Apple’s Newton will never die: Newton-powered mobile blogging

“Further proof that Apple’s Newton will never die: A Seattle blogger is using the brick-like PDA to run the very latest in personal publishing — a mobile blog. Programmer Mike Manzano maintains his Dumb Blogs Have More Fun mobile blog, or moblog, almost entirely from his Newton MessagePad,” Leander Kahney reports for Wired News.

“‘It’s been working out great,’ said Manzano. ‘The form factor is just right. It’s not too small like a Palm Pilot, and it’s not too big like a Microsoft pad computer.’ A moblog is typically maintained with the very latest in technology: a wireless PDA, a camera phone or smartphone. At first glance, Apple’s Newton is an unlikely candidate for such duties. For a start, Apple discontinued the much-maligned Newton in 1998. It should have gone away, but it is still used by thousands of fans, who have found lots of ingenious ways to keep the hardware and software current,” Kahney reports.

“Manzano is not the only Newton-powered blogger. There’s also George’s Newton Blog, Ross Olson’s Journal and Newton dose. Newton programmer Adam Tow wrote nBlog, a package that turns the Newton into a ‘portable publishing system’ and is compatible with Blogger and Moveable Type. Dale Steele figured out how to get the Newton working with LiveJournal,” Kahney reports.

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  1. dammit. just give us the Newton back.

    It’s not like it evar really went away… just give us a different color though. that original gray was hideous.

  2. Jobs will never bring back the Newton. Nor will he ever sell the technology so someone else can make it.

    That was Sculley’s baby, and Sculley is the one that performed the coup that ousted Jobs from apple in the first place.

    why do you think that he pulled it back from being a wholly owned subsidiary and the only part of apple that was making money only to kill it? at the time, Palm was barely a blip. sort of like the iPod. the US Marines were pissed. they’d just set up to use Newtons in their Humvees.

    He can’t make a PDA without admitting he’s wrong. and how many of us have EVER heard Jobs admit he’s wrong?

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