Apple posts ‘Wild Postings’ iPod ad online in QuickTime

Apple has released a QuickTime version of its iPod / iTunes TV ad which was recently filmed in New York City.

The new ad features a New Yorker walking past a wall of animated iPod posters while listening to his iPod and wearing his trademark iPod white earbuds.

See the ad here.


  1. Yeh, enough with the iPod ads, they’re really boring now and people are copying them left, right and centre (I saw an ad for a newspaper that was a copy of the iPod ads)

    Show a G5 running OS X with a broadband connection, open Terminal and type ‘uptime’, pan out…

    …then show Expos�, then FUS, then Genie… oh my God, why don’t people wake up and just realise that M$ SUCK BIG TIME!

  2. Remember those ads from years ago where kids were doing school projects?

    I think one had a dad trying to help his kid but they kept having problems with their pee-cee, finally the kid walks out the door and says he is going to a friend’s house that has a Mac.

    Another had a bunch of kids with ordinary school reports and then one kid with a really professional looking color report – another kid said something like ‘tim has a Mac.’

    Windoze has come a long way but differences still abound and the creative ad types could certainly find a way to show them in a series of ads.

  3. Forget that “Show OS X”-stuff!

    What the mac experience is all about is the FUN and ENJOYMENT using the computer. It’s about the positive EMOTIONAL state (or the absence of typical Windows-Frustration), and a good advertisement would center around bringing this message across. Apple missed to adress this for quite a while now (exception: “colored iPod-Ads”). In fact the “Switch”-campaign failed IMO, because those people talked about the outcome of using a mac, but it’s the process of working with a Mac, what makes one addicted!

    What do you think?

  4. I think showing someone emailing a Word document from a work Pee-cee and then editing it at home. Or, show a person on a PowerBook on wi-fi in their backyard connect to their windoze computer via Remote Desktop Connector. Lets get rid of the myth that because you have a Dull at work that you need a Dull at home.

  5. I think they should have a contest where Mac users make their own 30 second commercials that address the misconceptions people have about Macs, and show how and what they use them for. Enough of showing us the boxes. Yes, they look great, but no one buys a computer because it looks nice. Show people what they can do with it, and they will come.

    That being said, I thought that iPod commercial was pretty cool. They can do that sort of thing with the iPod because, while it technically is a computer, it really only serves one purpose, listening to music (yes, I know it’s also a hard drive but they don’t even need to advertise that – yet). The Mac needs to be sold in a different way.

  6. I also thought the commercial was pretty cool…just would like a 2nd viewing of the iPod upon outro and maybe substituted the mini…this commercial concept could blossom into many different commercials/scenarios.

  7. I think one of the biggest driving forces for the ipod market is the idea that people have to have one to be cool. Why doesn’t apple use this? Like show people doing that ipod-sharing thing on a bus and then popping up with text like “join the club.”

  8. Great iPod ad, All have been great iPod ads. This actually has nothing to do with Mac ads vs iPod ads. Apple has a great iPod+iTunes business going and they are gonna keep it going through great advertising and a great product.

    As for Mac ads, I like ndelc’s idea. Most all of Apple’s Ads in history have sucked (especially the G5 ad), of course all advertising for PCs suck. Apple needs to find a way to connect with PC users, in concept the Switcher ads were great, but didnt hit home like they thought. Apple needs a new approach, and ads meant purposly to drive PC users nuts (GS) will not make the adverage medium to high end PC consumer purchase a Mac or a Dull

  9. I actually got a real kick out of the iPod + iTunes commercial. The prior ads with the single silhouettes didn’t do much for me. But seeing them all dance at once in a mass of posters on a NYC brick wall is really funny and eye-catching.

    A good segway from the iPod to Mac OS X would be showing how “cool” and easy it is for an iPod to “suck up” all the music out of iTunes just by plugging in the Firewire cable.

  10. ” oh my God, why don’t people wake up and just realise that M$ SUCK BIG TIME”

    Most Likely because its the standard for desktop computers, and Macs, Aren’t.

    Oh my god why dont people `just wake up and realize the mac sucks ass…

  11. Anyone remember that non-fiction video going around a few years ago that showed the guy in his cubicle that started hitting his pc and then finally trashes it on the floor? I think something like that would have been good for a “switching” ad…

  12. Apple should continue to push the iPod and and “make hay while the sun shines” with ads relating to the iPod. It is one of their highest selling product lines world wide where they are struggling to keep up with a huge demand especially with the iPod mini. Up to 75% of iPod customers are PC owners which effectively means Apple is broadening its user base. It is all revenue and money in the bank for Apple.

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