Steve Jobs to keynote WWDC, to preview Mac OS X 10.4 ‘Tiger’

Apple today announced that Steve Jobs will kick off its Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) with a keynote on Monday, June 28, 2004, beginning at 10:00 a.m. at San Francisco’s Moscone West. This year’s keynote will include a preview of “Tiger,” the next major release of Mac OS X.

The five-day event, which runs from June 28 to July 2, will host close to 200 technical sessions with new content designed to serve a wide range of Mac developers, including an in-depth look at the latest Mac OS X technologies, hands-on labs with the latest Mac systems, expanded tracks on Enterprise IT and a dedicated track for QuickTime developers and content creators.

Other activities at Apple’s WWDC 2004 include:

– an in-depth look at Mac OS X technologies, from its open source foundation to innovative application frameworks, next generation development tools and its industry leading graphics and imaging capabilities. WWDC is the place to learn why Mac OS X is fueling the innovation of both the desktop and server market
– an expanded Enterprise IT track specifically designed to help enterprise developers, system administrators and IT managers understand the core technologies that will be delivered in Tiger and fully leverage them in their environments
– an enhanced QuickTime and Digital Media track for developers and content creators looking to explore the latest in multimedia for mobile devices with 3GPP, best practices for content delivery with QuickTime Streaming Server, and new tools and techniques for creating and delivering exceptional digital media content
– expanded hands-on labs with the latest Mac systems, where developers can port and test their code and get technical assistance from the Apple engineers directly responsible for the technologies
– comprehensive sessions providing a roadmap and technical details on Application Technologies, Development Tools, Graphics and Media, Hardware and OS Foundations
– special events and activities such as the Pre-Conference Workshops, Apple Design Awards, Apple Campus Bash, WWDC Exhibit Fair and Special Interest Groups.

The cost of the five-day conference is $1,595 (US) per attendee, with a $300 (US) Early Registration Discount available before May 14. Visit Apple’s WWDC website for registration and complete session details at

MacDailyNews Take: It’s now official: the next version of Mac OS X is “Tiger.”


  1. Hopefully it’ll be like last year all over again. Tiger announcement at WWDC, release late-October, and 10% discount on everything in-store. This time though, I’ll keep the PowerBook that I bought and returned within 24 hours!

  2. That is it. I am not upgrading from Jaguar to Panther. Jaguar will do until Panther. I can save some money this way.

    Having said that, I hope that Tiger does not introduce QuickTime 7 because that would add to the cost of the upgrade.

  3. Just as long as Apple can keep up with the amount of new features they’ve showcased for the previous upgrades, I’ll be as blissful as a five-year old holding an enourmous bag of candy.

  4. Don’t you know the developers of LongCow are just itching to see what’s in Tiger even more than we are. he he
    Don’t ya’ll wish the name Tiger was as cool and sleek and powerful as the name Longhorn? I still can’t believe they allowed that…maybe it should be called Platapus(sp).

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